Former veterinarian, now aspiring tester!

Hi everyone!

My name is Aline, I’m from Ghent, Belgium and I’ve recently made a big career switch into IT.

I started off with a 7 months web development bootcamp which I am currently still following.
However, right now, my main focus is to start my career as a junior tester.
I’ve been roaming the internet for valuable online resources, Mot has been a huge help so far!
Besides Mot, I’m familiar with tau, codecademy, treehouse, ait, …

If any of you has some advice on resources suited for an absolute beginner, and which technologies I should start learning (relevant for 2020 and the near future), I would be super thankful to hear them.

I hope everyone has a nice day!

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Yea Belgium! * FistBump *

Welcome to MoT!

What always helps is meetups to share your thoughts and absord knowledge from others.
There’s a meetup group in Gent called ‘BREWT’ and we are going to do the first MoT Meetup in Belgium in Leuven => ! Always welcome at both :wink:

Totally depends on what you wish to learn about testing. Are you getting into test automation or manual testing?

If you want to learn some code and get into test automation. Youtube & Google is the key factor of IT.
There are so many courses of different frameworks & tools it’s insane. Try to see what your need is on your project and go from there on. If your project demands API testing, you focus on learning that first. If you catch my drift? :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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Hey Kristof, thank you! :blush:

I went to the last BREWT meetup in Ghent and I plan on attending many more.
I’m also going to testbash in Brighton!

About your question on what I wish to learn, being a complete rookie, I only recently learned that automation testing and test automation aren’t exactly the same thing :sweat_smile:

At this point I’m not sure where I will end up working, my main concern is that I want to learn relevant “modern” testing. I’m still in the progress figuring out the difference between traditional testing, modern testing, agile testing, … etc. It’s a lot of information!

I will have a look at ISTQB and I have Heather Reid’s article bookmarked!

I guess I could look at current job offers and what skills and technologies are most in demand?

Thank you for your advice!:slight_smile:


I couldn’t make it to last BREWT, I had to attend a teambuilding event :smiley: I’ll defiantly join the next one!

I personally wouldn’t look at vacancies to check out technologies, I work as a consultant and most of the time companies don’t understand their own needs and they perhaps are in need of something else.
I’ve recently read “Explore It” by Elizabeth Hendrickson, a good book to start with.

I wish you good luck on your learning journey and if you need any help with anything, just ask! :wink:

Kind regards

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Oh ok that’s good to know because my goal is to eventually work as a consultant as well :slight_smile:
I had “Explore it” on my wishlist for a while now, I’ll go ahead and order it!

Thanks a bunch!

kind regards,

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Hi Aline,

wel that is a big switch indeed. Might be good to have a look at TMAP as well. This at least for me has been a great start.

Good luck,


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Hi! It would be nice to practice on real project. I used and for that.


Hi Wout!

Thank you for the tip, hadn’t heard of TMAP before:)

kind regards,

Hey Maria,

thank you so much for these recommendations, it’s exactly what I was looking for!

kind regards,

Actually Aline you are in luck they have just updated TMAP this week so that it also describe how this can work in todays devops world.

see here

Hi, please don’t waste time with certifications like ISTQB and TMAP and rather have a look at rapid software testing and BBST by Cem Kaner.

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Hi Klara,

thanks for the advice!

kind regards,

Hi Aline, hope you are still practicing and doing well. Would you be interested in studying together? I’m also on the beginner/intermediate side of things. I’ve been practicing Automation by myself for the last few months, and was looking to coordinate with others. I’m learning Selenium with core java, hopefully we can all be best prepared for the job market after quarantine ends. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Hi, yes I’d definitely be interested to study together! Let’s talk about how we can coordinate this:)