Hello from Dublin, Ireland

Hey all, my name is Eamonn and I am from Dublin, Ireland. Currently I’m seeking employment in software testing and I was recommended by a friend to register with MoT as he said this site is a great resource.

I do have a ISTQB qualification in manual testing and one year experience working in an internship focused on manual testing but at the moment, I am looking for a junior role in software testing, manual or automation.

I have begun looking into automation testing and am currently working with Selenium Webdriver and Selenium IDE, and I would like to know if, in terms of getting into automation, are these tools adequate to start with or should I take a different route?

Thanks in advance


Depends on what the companies near you do and if they are web-based. I’m seeing that Cypress is also becoming increasingly popular so if you want to get into test automation I suggest looking into that as well.

Are there any upcoming testing meetups near you that you can attend? That would be a great opportunity to network


I’d recommend researching the local job market to see what exactly is in demand, from what I know (at least here in Bosnia) Selenium is still in top demand, and a lot of remote jobs are also have it as a requirement.


Thank you for your reply,

I am not familiar with Cypress but will look into it, and yes, testing meet-ups is a great idea, thanks!

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Thank you for the advice

Welcome to MoT @eamonn92 !

What’s the funniest bug you’ve found so far? :stuck_out_tongue:
Make sure to check out API Testing instead of UI automation :wink:


Thank you for the reply Kristof!

Yes, I have heard that API testing is in plenty of demand and as well as learning Selenium Web Driver, I’ve delved into Postman

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Wonderful, if you have any questions let us know! :slight_smile:

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