Hello from Bournemouth

Hi there! I’m Olly, working as the Testing Manager for a digital agency in Bournemouth (south coast of the UK, near Southampton). I’ve been in software for the better part of the last 10 years starting in customer service, moving to testing for a couple of years, into project management for a few years and now back into testing again for the past year.

I mostly do manual, blackbox testing with one other tester but have recently been introduced to Postman for API testing (which I’m loving getting my head into). Looking forward to learning from MOT pro and hopefully becoming a part of the community!


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Welcome @ollyong_johnson!

I’ve not used Postman for a couple of years, but it’s a great tool. Definitely reach out to the community if there’s anything you need support with whilst learning the tool/APIs.

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Thank you! I will do. I work with some great devs too so hopefully I’ll be covered from all angles :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi all
My name is Dimo, I live in Kings Heath Birmingham and working as QA manual tester partially and warranty quality assurance.
I am building my portfolio and learning mostly selenium python and javascript with the purpose to land a role in the Midlands soon as a QA automation engineer.
Really glad to be here.
Best regards


Hi Dino!

Those three are on my list for learning. I’ve just gotta balance work/life/learning/sanity :joy: