Hello from Cambridge UK

Hey all,

I’m Tom, I’ve been a tester for 7 years in Cambridge working in the games industry and now in eCommerce. I started in manual testing and then transitioned into automation testing, did a stint of being a scrum master for 2 years alongside testing duties which was a lot to juggle! I’ve worked on both monolithic and microservice applications which has given me a lot of useful knowledge.

I’ve regularly attended MoT meetups in Cambridge pre-pandemic and I’m always striving to improve both my knowledge and team processes. One place I absolutely love is the Test Automation University, think there is some brilliant and unique materials on there.

I’m mainly here to learn advanced practices, get tips and tricks on career growth and share my experiences.




Hey Tom,


I’m from Cambridge originally, sadly no more.

I hope that you get a lot out of this space, feel free to get in touch and I’ll happily help or signpost where I can!

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Thanks Chris, I might be following in your footsteps at some point given how expensive it is to live here haha!

Thanks for the helping hand will get in touch if I need some help :slight_smile:

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Welcome Tom

I’m from Cambridgeshire originally too (March), but like Chris, no longer in the area.

This is a great place to learn and grow and agree with you with Test Automation University!

As Chris says, reach out, happy to help where I can. :slight_smile:


Another Tom! Welcome! :smiley:

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