Greetings quality fanatics :)

Hi :wave:

My name is Aleksandar and I am from Bulgaria.

I’ve been a tester since 2017.

I joined the Ministry of Testing to learn new things in the QA field and to connect with interesting people and professionals.


Welcome @adrinkov to MoT! :slight_smile:

What kind of testing/QA are you into?

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Well, right now I am working on a web project where we maintain very old and complicated code and re-write some of the applications to match the modern and more maintainable way.
About what I am doing - mainly learning to automate UI tests with Selenium and API tests with RestSharp as well as manual functional and exploratory tests.
Also, the role of the Scrum Master of the team was assigned to me a few years ago :slight_smile:


@adrinkov welcome to the Club!

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Hi @adrinkov :wave: . Welcome here

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Welcome to MOT @adrinkov !!
What would you like to learn in particular?

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If I say “everything” it won’t be relevant but I am here to grow in every possible aspect of the area. You know that the good QA is a creature with many specialties :slight_smile:


wish you all the best ! don’t hesitate to ask if you want to discover anything that comes to your mind !

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yeaaa pretty sweet! Still on my radar to use restSharp, happy with it? Pro’s/cons from your perspective?

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Based on my experience it seems to be very easy to use for common things like checking the status code or the Body of the response. But still, I am learning to use it so we will see.