Rester Tester has joined Ministry of Testing

Hello there my name is Ioan but I usually go on the Web as Rester Tester, well at least I try to when I talk about my youtube Channel ( packed with Selenium Recipes, A full JIRA tutorial, Fun Links, Insteresting content)

Discover Ministry of Testing a while ago but only recently created an account and I am really happy that I did.

Have been in the QA business for almost 10 years now and had the opportunity to do testing on different kinds of system from SAP to Mobile, from Sharepoint to Desktop. I read a lot and am always interested in what is new and how I can improve. If you want to talk just ping me any time.

It is good to be part of the Ministry


Welcome to the Rester Tester! I’m sure you will find lot’s of new things to learn.

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Welcome to the party, pal!


Thank you. It is good to be here

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Welcome! Just taken a peak at your YouTube channel. Who doesn’t like a bit of Chuck Norris API?

Chuck Norris approves your comment :slight_smile:

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