Hello from Berlin!

Hi :wave:

My name is Reza, Software Engineer in Test from Berlin.

I’ve started my journey from manual testing in 2018 into writing test automation using Selenium. Currently I’m building test infrastructure on the team I’m in with Cypress and try to get the devs to involve into the project.
I could say I’m a lone wolf on the team :smiley: and by joining MoT I hope I would gain more knowledge and perspective on the testing world and also share the ups and downs with like minded people :slight_smile:

Looking forward to get inspired from the club!


A big community welcome to you too Reza.

Do share more of your Cypress journey, I’m keen to take time to give Cypress another look myself. We all feel like the only tester on our team who has a MOT login, that’s normal. It just means you are serious about your career, and serious about learning through helping others. We hope to inspire you also.


Hi @conrad.braam thank you for the warm welcome!

I’m in the phase where Cypress is the end-to-end testing framework for the team.
If you are familiar with JavaScript, it’s a smooth way to try Cypress. It’s pretty straightforward and usable out of the box. It has its own reporting dashboard which they offer subscription for more feature, but I integrate allure instead for the reporting instead.


Welcome to the community, @rezaarief. And thanks for sharing your journey so far. It’s great to see you here. :smiley:

There really is a treasure trove of information on The Club. The search feature is pretty powerful. For example, this keyword search for Cypress returns all sorts of excellent conversations.

Enjoy the experience and see you round.


Welcome to MoT!


Are you alsso writing API tests? :slight_smile:

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My main focus is on the frontend part at the moment. But I also use Cypress for API test to check server behavior, responses and XHR. Maybe not the best tool of choice for such test :smiley: Do you have recommendation for API testing?

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I cannot :wink: I can’t tell you to use X or Y since I don’t know much about your project, I would only be suggestion a tool I like but it might not fit your purpose :stuck_out_tongue:

Having Cypress for API testing isn’t bad you know, especially if your UI tests are there also. 2 types of tests in 1 framework is sometimes better then using 2 or 3 frameworks.

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