HOT New Stuff....Cypress

Hello Testers,

we are starting to automate Tests with Cypress and I hope to find some Experts right here :wink:

Do you have an experience in cypress? We want to use it in combination with Cucumber ^^ and maybe you can tell me “how to” organize the tests…

Don’t be shy to comment, I’m thankful for every information or question :slight_smile:

Greets Phil


I second that notion! I hear interesting things about Cypress, but I haven’t used it myself.

Cypress is excellent. I highly recommend it as an js automation tool

I have some very novice experience with Cypress, but if you haven’t used it at all so far, or if it’s totally fresh, I would recommend taking a quick look through the TAU course here as that will start you off well at least (And highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Cypress vs Selenium/WebDriver etc) (And it’s free!).

I’ve definitely enjoyed using it so far, but the majority of our users use IE, so lack of support for that is a bit frustrating.


Cypress seems cool so far. I’ve used some online courses and done some UI automation using Cypress. My test cases so far covers E2E for e-commerce website and also focuses on checking CSS in the pages(eg: font-size, shadow etc). Appli Tools provide Cypress support too and can be used to test it in other browsers and perform visual regression testing

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I’ve been using Cypress for a year or two now on multiple projects. One of which was a very legacy C# web app with not very much responsiveness with a lot of API’s that were being called in the background.

Cypress was instrumental in providing us a straight forward way of getting a robust framework setup for such a product.

If anyone would like any assistance or has any queries regarding Cypress feel free to give me a shout. I also have experience with using both JavaScript and TypeScript using Cypress.

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