Panel Discussion: Automating UIs Further Discussion

Tonight, @testerfromleic will host our first Panel Discussion of 2021 :star_struck:

Vernon will be joined by @techgirl1908, @marie.drake and @ailuj876 to answer all of your questions about Automating UIs.

If we don’t get to your questions on the night, we’ll add them to the thread below for our panellists to answer later. If you’d like to continue the conversation from the webinar, this thread is an excellent place to do that :grin: Share resources and follow up success stories from your learnings here!

A huge thanks to TestProject whose sponsorship has made this first panel available for everyone to attend :clap:


Questions we didn’t get to:

  • What are your thoughts on visual regression testing? Are they too expensive and not worth the time?
  • What things, specific to UI testing should be considered in an automation test strategy/ approach?
  • Regarding cypress ui tests are there any plugins you use and would recommend trying?
  • Who should perform/automate integration testing of several UI components? Developer or a tester? For e.g. After clicking on Add button, a form comes up and we want to test whether the newly created Save button is displayed on the Add form.
  • Currently working with an app js framework called lightning which has its own DOM which is mainly divs with attributes. Wondering if you’ve come across such a situation and what would be your approach to improving the DOM to make it more testable for ui automation tests.
  • What situations would you use selenium over cypress for ui tests?
  • How do you deal best automating in terms of customer device/ browser usage of web app . Should automation focus on 1 journey on most popular or execute across what the analytics say the customers are using?
  • What about writing tests using ATDD?
  • Has anyone implemented selenium grid and any pitfalls you’ve run into?
  • What’s the best strategy to pick a good locator, in particular when it comes to dynamic ID ?
  • Are there any ways to do more of this lower level business logic testing in native Mobile Apps, which tend to be more reliant on UI?
  • How to deal with react dropdowns, having only div followed by span tag, and the options to select populate in the span tag only on click action, else hidden from DOM
  • If testers find automating a particular feature difficult because of no unique ids in tags to locate element or using same class for number tags, can we suggest dev team to use IDs to make testers life easy?