Panel Discussion: Strategy and Approach to UI Automation Further Discussion

On Thursday of UI Automation week, @gwendiagram will be joined by @imalittletester, @ranjani and @dana_aonofriesei to answer all of your questions about strategies and approaches to automating UIs.

If we don’t get to your questions during the session, we’ll add them to the thread below for our panellists to answer later. If you’d like to continue the conversation from the session, this thread is an excellent place to do that :grin: Share resources and follow up success stories from your learnings here!

Questions we didn’t get to

  1. @hmwcoffee: What is your opinion about the keyword-driven testing approach to UI automation in a CI system? How to make it work despite longer delivery time?
  2. @stephennb: Being a newbie tester I’ve settled on Cypress for automation. What would you recommend as tools for reporting and documenting? (edited)
  3. @qa_jaya: Do you automate the same feature in UI and also in API?
  4. @mariaharis: So am trying to find a tool to test GUI Testing tool replacement of Sikuli. What r the criteria which should be kept in mind when moving tests to new Software