Ask Me Anything: UI Automation Pros & Cons

On Wednesday of UI Automation week we’ll be joined by the excellent @sumanbala for an Ask Me Anything session all about the pros and cons of UI automation.

We’ll make sure to add any questions that we don’t get to and any resources mentioned during the session to this thread.

If you miss the live session, a recording will be available on the Ministry of Testing website for all UI Automation Week attendees once we’ve edited it and added captions.

Have you got any more questions you’d like to ask after? Add them here :grin:

Questions that didn’t get answered

  • What’s your view on the balance of which tools to use in a pipeline? - Brian Gibb
  • What’s the best UI test you’ve written? What did it do? - Richard Bradshaw
  • I am automating an app which is actually a just web wrapper but I am having issues testing it using appium + android studio. Suggestions for better tools - Maria Haris