What Tools Are You Using For Your UI Automation?

What tools are you using for your UI automation?

What led you to choose those tools? Was it already decided for you or did you research some options before making a decision?

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Where I work Leapwork is mostly used, see: Robot Process Automation As A Power Tool For Testing | MoT Since the article (2018) I have personally seen the field grow, and would personally like to play more with mabl, testim, testproject, proeva? The field has exploded.

The choice of the specific tool for UI automation depends on the system under test, if you have access to the code base, in-source / outsource split, existing tech stack… and more.

A budget responsible choose, I advise and research :wink:

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There are a lot of UI Test Automation tools out there, most of them are either really bad or prohibitively expensive.

Some of them include a cross-browser cloud grid.

Endtest seems to be the leader in this space. It’s used even by companies such as Intel and Microsoft.

One of the teams from our company is using it, they did POCs comparing Mabl, Testim, TestProject, Functionize, TestCraft, Ghost Inspector and others and Endtest came out on top.