What front end web automation to use?

I haven’t touched front end web automation for a few years now, but I see some potential use cases in my current project where it can come in handy.
We’re already leveraging API’s wherever possible, so looking for recommendations (with motivation) specifically front end web automation tools.

When I left the seen, Selenium was all the craze.
I know about tools like:

  • Cypress
  • Puppeteer
  • Playwright

Are there others I don’t yet know of?
Which one do yo recommend, and why?

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Where to start?

  • As you know, the pain of Selenium is the altitude the tool sits at, since it’s not a “test” tool, and their vague release cycle, we are still waiting for a GA on Selenium 4.X.
  • If I were new on this (I am still relatively new) I would take a good look at Serenity-DBB , in Java
  • If I was a .NET shop, I would go Boa Constrictor

Do you have/want a mobile app? I mean surely everyone does nowadays. What limitations does your development environment place on you in terms of security?


Thanks for that feedback @conrad.braam . Yeah, not a big fan of Selenium anymore (though for a while it was the best we had).
My Java is a bit rusty, but will take a look at Serenity-DBB. No .NET in sight, so the Boa Constrictor will have to stay in its cage.

What I’m targeting is an internal web site, so no mobile app. As it is internal, I’m relatively unobstructed with regards to security


Hmmm, I felt truly bless when I escaped the world of UI automation! But, in the near future I might need to do a bit of UI automation again. I will (try) avoid using Selenium, since the app is not very complex and Cypress could be a better choice - I think it will be a smooth sailing.

Also, I heard good things about Test Café - those two geezers from AB podcast seem to like it too. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but, recently I watched a presentation (at the SauceCon conference) by Don Wibier, and that kind sparked my interest in the Test Café. All that is left if to find the time (and will) to try it out!

Here’s an overview video of it:

EDIT: I plan to check out this course as well:


I also heard some good things about test-café. I haven’t used it yet but might just try a little project myself.
Does anyone here have experience with it? I would love to see some opinions.

We are currently using Cypress for front-end automation. Protractor was to unstable & becoming deprecated. Selenium is selenium … so Cypress it is! :slight_smile:

That being said I’ve started googling Cypress vs Test Cafe and found this: Evaluating Cypress and TestCafe for end to end testing | YLD Blog. A nice comparison and I honestly thought he would pick Cypress above Test Cafe but he didn’t :stuck_out_tongue: Of course this is just 1 article and 1 mans opinion.


Thanks @mirza and @kristof , TestCafe is on the list to evaluate