Testim.io - anyone using this tool?

(Kim) #1

I just noticed the banner above and signed up for the free trial.

OK! it seems too good to be true and with 2 reviews that gave it 5 stars I am wondering if this tool has the potential to do what they say it does (so far its awesome). Why would anyone learn how to set up automation frameworks/coding etc.

I would really welcome opinions for both sides for AI automated tool - non tech ppl can use OR normal automation framework set up.

(Heather) #2

So from the recent 30 days of testing challenge, I’m wondering if @qakumarnz might be able to help you out. Ref:

Or perhaps @garydavidson83?

(Kim) #3

Thanks Heather I will reach out to them both :+1:

(Gary) #4

Hi there.

I had a couple of demos with testim and it seemed very impressive. In the end priorities changed and I had no time to carry on with the trial. I even had a 1 to 1 help session with a developer which was great even though I was on the free trial.

It had shown promise for a few ares of the application we have but there were also some limits to it. Sometimes using the scroll key on the mouse wouldn’t be picked up and elements were missed here and there. It was easy to fix some of these things but it is still a time intensive process.

I didn’t get to test the full powers that test.im advertises such as their machine learning so it would be interesting to hear how people get on with that.

The only real disadvantage I can see with it is that you don’t actually get to access any of the code. You can spend hours/days/weeks/months recording all the tests and fixing them etc but you are then left to the mercy of the website and their future ambitions. That is the only risk factor I can see in it. At least if you program it yourself you still have the code although this may also become worthless if the application goes through a major overhaul.

The other product someone recommended to me was https://www.leapwork.com/ which is a bit more hands on as it isn’t a recording based tool. it is visual though and requires no coding. Again my time was too limited to give it a real go.

Hope that helps.

(ariel) #5

Been using Testim.io for over 2 years now. They used to be tough on the code side but after their development in the last year I couldn’t be happier. Easy to integrate, easy to define tests, super robust.

(Kim) #6

Nice to read that as I have been playing with it for a few hours now (inbetween everything else I do) and it seems really easy to work with (at a basic level). Unfortunately our dev team wasn’t keen on the tool so there isn’t a budget for me to take it to the next level but I am going to continue plugging away with the free side. I’m determined to wow the team over what I believe is a pretty good tool for us at the stage our team is at. :+1:

(Kim) #7

Thanks Gary, interesting you came to that summation as I thought exactly the same thing about not having control over things especially if I am putting in serious hours to get something going.

I will have a look at leapwork

Cheers K

(Harry) #8

I’ve used Testim and had extensive demos and discussions with their team. It’s a really impressive and intuitive tool and I love using it.

However for use in our business it’s a hefty asking price with a not so simple pricing structure which has really prevented me from going further with them.

I’ve spent the last 6 months looking for a automated testing tool which can…

  • Quickly and intuitively create tests using click and record
  • Easily run large numbers of tests for multiple projects
  • Access sites behind my private network
  • Use AI/ML to automatically heal tests locators
  • Cost less than $300~ per month

Here’s a list of every product I’ve reviewed which didn’t meet all requirements:

Mabl, Ghost inspector, Boozang, CloudQA, testCraft, endtest, eggplant, Ranorex, Functionize and Testim.

Recently I’ve come across a product called TestSigma which has a lot of potential with new click record and AI/ML. I haven’t fully demoed the product but its looking positive and close to matching all my requirements.