Experience with codium.ai?


my boss found https://www.codium.ai/ and asked me what I think about it.
My experience with AI based tools is zero, I only messed around with ChatGPT and bit and that didn’t convince me.

Did anyone of you ever look into codium.ai and is willing to share experiences?

Thank you!


Hey Tobias

I haven’t used it and I haven’t even read any docs about it, so I’m going to give a totally naive and ignorant answer.

I would have two concerns:

  1. first it appears that this produces tests based on the already written production code; as such this encourages writing the code first and not the test first; I would want to be encouraging TDD test first approaches and so would be wary of the approach that this tool favours;

  2. secondly as the test code is based on the pre-written production code the tests are based on the same assumptions as the production code; ultimately the test would test that the code does what the code does - which has limited but some value.

Of course, there could be some valid responses to the above and I would love to hear them.

Without those responses I would guess that the value of the tool would be in the arena where one has a bunch of existing code with the technical debt of no unit tests, the tool could be used to accelerate the setup of some testing code which would then need to be checked, amended and augmented to ensure that it is actually valuable. So ultimately it saves a bit of typing.

Like you I’d love to hear from someone who has actually used this tool.

Have you now had a play with it?


Hey there,

I haven’t personally used it for unit testing, I’ve heard great things from developers who have.

From what I understand, Codium.ai’s platform can be particularly helpful for unit testing because it uses AI-powered data analysis to identify potential issues and suggest improvements to your code. This can help you catch bugs early on. Their UI also makes it easy to upload your code and run tests, so even if you don’t have much experience with AI-based tools, you should be able to get started quickly and efficiently.