What are the good tools for AI driven Test creation

I’m looking for some info on AI tools to generate tests.
Have you used anything that really worked right out of the box or needed a lot of human interaction?
Did it create test cases that actually provided coverage?
Are the test cases robust enough to continue working even with minor UI changes in the application being tested?
There is a lot of hype about AI driven testing so exploring if something really works.

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Yes even i need to know some , iam new to testing world with python handy

There are a few paid tools (not mentioning names) which are claiming to generate tests & also to run but I only encountered them and they will work good for web-based scenarios.
For large enterprises where to test the backend & other services then those tools are not well equipped to handle the business scenarios.

I think except for a few isolated use cases, the hype for AI driven testing will probably flare out in the next year or two.

The one use case I’ve seen where machine learning has had undeniable usefulness in testing was a study by mozilla where they had a full test suite that took, like, 100+ hours to run to test firefox builds and they wanted something that decided which tests to run first to get to the first test failure as quickly as possible based upon what code changed. That hit all of machine learning’s strong points, I think.

All in all I’m kind of tired of the ChatGPT hype train though.