What AI tools have you all used / PoC'd for testing?

Hi all,

I’m looking into AI tools which can be used in a large organisation to enhance the our testing processes. I’ve done a fair amount of research and there is a plethora of tools available so its really difficult to figure out where to start!!

Has anyone worked with an AI tool that will help create data sets for tests?

Or if you are actively using AI for testing, then in what context? What tools?

If anyone does have any recommendations in general then please let me know, thanks!

Renka :slight_smile:


For data set generation I don’t know but for UI test automation I have tried many tools.
I’d recommend Testim.io and Functionize.

Probably you can have a look at TestRigor as well.

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@renka17 we use testRigor - it is the only tool on the market which solves the test maintenance for good with a way for you to use your own language to build test automation. testRigor is the only tool on the market that uses Generative AI for test execution. See here: https://youtu.be/8-LcECT4jjQ
Disclaimer: I’m associated with testRigor

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