Hello from an (embedded) software test engineer in Belgium!

Hello all there!

I’m most of the time busy with embedded software testing and sometimes with PC software testing. I would like to learn more about test automation. To be more specific:

  1. the transition from manual to automatic testing
  2. the actual development of the automatic tests.

Looking forward to a great time here!



Hello and welcome @kenv :wave:

There are definitely other embedded testers on this forum :grin:

It sounds like you’ll enjoy the automation category when you have queries.

And you’re certainly not alone with point 1! A lot of discussions here about making the transition to automation.

Look forward to seeing more posts from you :slight_smile:

I was, until recently, completely entrenched in embedded systems testing … Now doing automation for Apps and Web Apps full time.

So welcome to the club.

Hello fellow Belgium tester!

Automated tests <3 welcome to the club! if you ever feel the need to ask some questions, go for it! I’ve gone from manual to ‘technical QA’ myself also and I helped to create a learning path from manual to technical QA here in Belgium.

Looking forward to your progress, what are you starting out with? :slight_smile:

Kind regards