Looking for a mentor?

(Akinsowon) #22

Hi, I’m Gabriel Peter-Thomas.

Who am I: I’m a QA specialist (performance) but I’m mostly a manual tester and I currently work with the automation team trying to grow my skills in coding (java, python). I have been testing for about 6 years.

What I can help with: I can mentor on performance testing, approach and jmeter.

What I think I need help with: I would like to have a mentor to learn how to be a good test manager.
Email: akinsowon@gmail.com
Skype: sowonpt

(Jen) #23

who you are
QA lead with tons of manual testing experience, limited automation/engineering experience

what you think you need help with
Leadership, management, coaching, QA Management, Process and change management, project management
Seeking anyone with QA Management experience to provide advice and a sounding board.

where you want to get to
I’d like to grow within QA Leadership and the Management vertical and also expand my skills as a QA Engineer to keep up with shifting technology

how to get in contact with you

(Kim) #24

Hi Kaarel,

Sending you an email to touch base with you around your post.

Cheers K

(Sandeep) #25

Who am I
My name is Sandeep Panghal based in Newcastle,UK. I am an Automation Testing Expert/Trainer with 11 years of extensive experience in web/mobile Automation.My tool orchestration includes -
Selenium Webdriver
Cucumber (BDD/TDD)
I am currently authoring a book that will include - How to become an Automation Testing Expert with all Tools Tester need to be mastered to work on any Agile Projects.

What I think I can help you with
Designing/Implementing Automation Frameworks
Drafting Automation Test Approach/Plans
Drafting Test Strategy
Debugging technical issues
Training on Tools mentioned above

How to get in touch with me
email :paingicool@gmail.com

(Ben) #26

Who I am
Aspiring test coach and mentor with five years experience. Officially took on the role as coach at my company to help bring change to some of the challenges that we face in testing. Also currently leading testing efforts for a small team on a project.

What you think you need help with
Currently trying to figure out how to connect better with developers and how to help my testers become better people and help them reach their goals. The problem is I’m trying to figure out all this myself. I need a coach coach, someone who can just give me the odd bit of advise or help me to reflect on what I’m doing well or what I need to improve.

Where you want to get to
Achieve a better relationship with developers (currently still pretty much isolated but made a little progress) and to have helped my colleagues to get to where they want to get to.

How to get in contact with you
Private message and can swap contact details.

(Ben) #27

Who I am
A seven-year servant of a company I enjoy working for in financial services, conscious that this is the only firm I’ve known since university.

Work-wise I am a QA Coach based in London with a year’s experience in my current role and 3 previous years in QA Analyst / Lead roles, with 3 years of Service Management experience prior to that.

Assistance requested
I want to learn in more detail what the industry looks like more broadly so that I can understand whether I’ve currently got a “good thing going on” or if I’m perhaps too comfortable.

I currently have a very good work / life balance and am interested in finding out whether I could maintain that in other roles elsewhere, and (if not) what the financial (and perhaps reputational and experiental) pay-offs would be for accepting a swing further towards work.

Where I’m aiming
I intend to retire before I reach 50 and my default approach to the earnings part of that (as I don’t need mentorship in how to save and invest money!) is to “rise up the ranks” as quickly as possible. From this mentorship engagement, I’d be aiming to know the best next steps to secure my next step up the ladder, although I’m also open to receiving advice about considering a different approach on a different ladder, or perhaps even one without a ladder entirely.

How to get in touch with me
Please mail me at iltpf@outlook.com

(Trisha) #28

who you are : I am Trisha Chetani and i work as a QA engineer
what you think you need help with : I need a help in learning

  1. Pen & Security test
  2. Performance & Load test
  3. DevOps(Tools like : chef, puppet, ansible, kubernetes, Google cloud etc).
  4. AI & Machine learning, block chain etc
  5. Writing articles

where you want to get to : I wanted to have a expertise level of knowledge in the below field

  • Pen & Security test
  • Performance & Load test
  • DevOps(Tools like : chef, puppet, ansible, kubernetes, Google cloud etc)
  • AI & Machine learning, block chain
  • Writing articles
    how to get in contact with you : agarwalatrisha1212@gmail.com

(Harsh) #29

who you are: My name is Harsh and I have been in the QA field for over 5 years now. My career started as a manual QA (contractor) and ever since I have been traveling to different parts of United States working in various teams and projects. I have been part of an Agile/Scrum team and I have been an independent QA in large enterprises.

what you think you need help with: I looking to move into UI Automation world and need help with:

  1. Programming (past: Java, Groovy, and Python)
  2. Selenium WebDriver and open to other tools as well
  3. Building various automation framework from scratch
  4. Enhancing my current skills

where you want to get to: My end goal is to become a Developer (front-end or full stack) with a great amount of exposure in QA world.

how to get in contact with you: I’m reachable via Skype, Linkedin, Slack, Phone, or email (harsh.s.bhardwaj@outlook.com)

(Mohamed) #30

Hi, I’m Mohamed Tarek.

Who am I: i’m a QA specialist with 8 years of total testing experience , 6 years of performance testing experience & a fairly experience of web application security testing.
(HP Load Runner Certified , ISTQB Foundation Certified & CEH V9 Certified)

What I can help with: i can help with performance testing (Concept , JMeter , Loadrunner , Visual Studio Load tests) & security testing as well.

What I think I need help with: i don’t have any experience about automation and i need to get essential knowledge around it specially web driver :slight_smile:

how to get in contact with you:

Email: motareksamir@gmail.com

Thanks ,

(jyoti) #31

Who am I

I am a house wife. I completed my master’s in computer application in 2007. I have Zero experience in the field of software testing but so desparate to start my career in this field.

Need help with

I am looking for a mentor to lead me through this journey of becoming a good software tester.

Where I want to get to

Want to be independent and after getting a job to start with, I want to grow in my career and reach the higher limits possible.


You can contact me through my email Id, which is jssimmisharma@gmail.com

(Sandeep) #32

Hi Harsh,
I can help you with all the skills(1,2,3,4) you want to learn.
You can contact me at paingicool@gmail.com

Sandeep Panghal

(Sandeep) #33

Hi Jyoti,
I can guide you through your journey to become a software tester.
You can contact me at paingicool@gmail.com


(Jen) #34

Update because I got my email address wrong! Would still love a mentor.

(gaurav) #35

Hi All,

who you are: I am currently working as test analyst. Having more than 7 years of experience in software testing, selenium webdriver and also having basic knowledge & little experience on katalon & soapUI. Besides this have worked on system integration tests and UAT support.

what you think you need help with: I need to basically lean API testing. Looking for someone who can help me to get started. Also looking for web service testing (advanced level like groovy scripting in soapUI).

where you want to get to: Acquiring advanced level knowledge in automation testing and exploring more tools and learning at the same time.

How to get in touch with me: Email: gaurav.3322@gmail.com


(jyoti) #36

yeah sure, my E-mail ID is jssimmisharma@gmail.com

(riverraine) #37

Hello there?

I’m a newbie tester of a banking product. I need to make a map of the whole product so that it looks as a logical whole and so that we could assess test coverage.

What I really need help with is

  • how to structure a huge lot of information (break the product down visually into testable units)
  • how to build a test strategy for this structure

Maybe also a little guidance of the use of Test Rail would be nice.

These are the basics, I know, but I just can’t wrap my head around it! So I would really appreciate any help on this.

If you want to help, please contact Riverraine via river.herb@gmail.com

Thank you!

(Tatiana) #38

Hello everyone, I am Tatiana.

Who am I

I work as a software tester already for 2 years. So far, I have an experience only in manual testing.
ISTQB Foundation Certified. I have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS.

What I think I need help with Basically, I am here to get a support in automating testing. I started learning Java and next step is Selenium. Ideally, I would like to learn how to automate websites and on-premise applications. I am looking for a mentor or someone with an experience to guide me through this.

Where you want to get to I am planning to change the job and for that, I need to get my hands dirty with automation testing.

How to get in contact with me: tatyana_@outlook.com

Thank you and looking forward to get in contact soon.


(Viv) #39

Hi @ttm ,

Have you seen the courses Richard Bradshaw has put together online which are free? http://automationintesting.com/selenium/java/course/ , this May be a good starting point.

Do you have any preference to what language you would like to write your tests in? If not do you know what language your developers write code in? It may be a good idea to write tests in the same language so you can get support as you start to write your checks.

I don’t use java myself but can provide some support for .Net - also if you haven’t been asked to use selenium it may be worth while checking out cypress.io , it’s something I discovered yesterday and looks very promising. It states it gets around many issues usually found using selenium, I.e. timing which sounds very good.

All the best,


(Tatiana) #40

Thank you, Viv.
Recently, I started learning Java. The link you have given ideally fits my needs :wink:

(John) #41

Who I am: A recent graduate who has received a job from General Motors in the United States. Always up to learn new things about the field and excited to have the chance to learn more on the job.

What I think I need help with: I don’t have much experience in testing but have worked with Java and C# for a couple of years now. I’d like help learning selenium which will be what I’m using on the job.

Where I would like to get to: My ultimate goal is to one day become a project/product manager who has a technical background and can better bridge the gap between developers and the expectations given by clients. I’ve always been more people oriented and this has always been my ultimate goal with my Computer Science degree.

How to get in touch with me: My email developeremulation@gmail.com is the best way to get in contact with me.

Thanks to anyone who responds and I hope to hear from someone soon!