Looking for a mentor?

(Lucas Ruggiero) #42

Hello everyone, I am Lucas.

Who am I: I work as a software tester for about 5 years. Started as a manual tester and self-taught automation with Ruby and selenium, then moved to behat(PHP BDD tool).

What I think I need help with: I would like to learn more about proccess, CI/CD tools and API testing.

Where you want to get to: I am planning to get a better job and position(I am currently mid-level), and would like to know what is needed to achieve it.

How to get in contact with me: lucask.ruggiero@gmail.com
also on testerio and ministry of testing slack as “Lucas Ruggiero”
skype: lucaskruggiero

Thank you and looking forward to get in contact soon.


(Adolfo) #43

Hey Huib,
I,d really like to keep in touch with you.

If you,re still struggling into test automation, please feel free yo stop me a line and let,s see how can l help


(Huib) #44

Thanks @aterrong but I am currently focussing on other stuff. Will keep your offer in mind though!

(Tester) #45

I have recently started learning automation using Selenium. I would appreciate if someone can help me out through the doubts which i am encountering and will encounter in future.Thanks in advance.


(Volodymyr) #46

My name is Vova, I’m qa-engineer from Lviv, Ukraine. Started learning qa since 2016. Now i have 5 months of work experience at real projects.
I want learn api testing, sql in testing, web testing (front-end, back-end)
I believe, i can be a strong junior in 1-2 years

It will be a pleasure to find yours message at skype (volodymyr.muzyka1) or Gmail (volodya.muzyka42(at)gmail.com)

(Lauren) #47

Hi, I’m Lauren

Who am I - I’ve been a tester for the past 7 years in Surrey, starting as a manual tester then as an automation tester and now a QA/ Software Delivery Manager.

What I think I need help with
I’m fairly new to the management so I’m hoping I can learn from someone and bounce some ideas . I’m also introducing a new QMS for the company - which I’ve never done before, in addition to setting up QA for a company. In return, I specialise in continuous delivery strategies and automation so I can help with that.

Where I want to get to
I want to get to a stage where I’m confident in my management experience, defining new strategies and executing them. My aim is to create a QA department that encourages learning, innovation, helping and give back to the community in a fast past continuous testing scenario.

How to get in touch with me laurenanthony89@hotmail.co.uk

(Olu ) #48

Hello Sanders,
I am new to software Testing with little knowledge of manual testing. I would like to have you as a mentor as I’m looking to build my skills in all aspects of Software Testing i. e Test Approach, test plan etc.

Many thanks

(Izabela) #49

Hi everyone! My name is Izabela, I got my first QA Analyst position 4 months ago and I am looking for a mentor. I am currently in Denver, Colorado, but would love to connect with anyone that is whiling to help me better at QA. Thank you!

(nelson) #50

Who you are?
My name is Nelson Agbonson. I’m have been working in test for 2 years with the majority being in UI automation testing both web and mobile.

What you think you need help with?
I will be starting in a new project where the application is solely API and I have very little knowledge on API testing.
I would like to have mentor on all areas of API testing.

Where you want to get to?
I want to get to a point where I can confidently approach any project an implement tests for API

How to get in contact with you?
My contact is email: noagbonson@gmail.com.
I live in England

(Ben) #51

Hi Everyone,

Who I am:

I’ve been a QA tester for 10+ years, testing pretty much entirely manually through the UI, both native mobile apps and web sites/apps.

What I think I need help with:

Short-term - Despite being a very good communicator, I’m looking for new opportunities and finding interviewing very difficult, so that’s the most pressing issue - just interviewing confidently.

Mid-term - Getting up to speed on agile and automation. I’ve tinkered with automation using Java and Selenium, but it would be great to have a project to work on and be accountable for.

Where I want to go:

Short-term - Landing a new position with an opportunity to move into automation.

Mid-term - Developing a more technically versatile skill set.

Long-term - Moving toward a position as Product Owner.

How to contact me: cloreen17@gmail.com

Thank you!!!

(Magdalena) #52

Hi everyone!

Who am I?

I’ve started my adventure with software testing few months ago. I am trying to learn on my own but it would be great to have someone who will give me some feedback about what I’ve done and learn so far.

What I think I need help with?

I need a help with gaining an experience in testing and finding a job as a software tester.

Where I want to get to?

I would like to be a software tester in next few months.

How to get in contact with me?

I live in Poland.

(Bonnie Tang) #53

who you are
My name is Bonnie Tang. I am a software tester for 10 years. I have experiences on manual testing and automation testing.

what you think you need help with
I need advises on my career path. What skills I need to work on in order to get a higher position.

where you want to get to
I want to get to higher position e.g. Test Lead or Test Manager.

how to get in contact with you
I can be contacted at bonnie_tangyn@hotmail.com or Skype: Bon0828

(Abu) #54
  • Hi Im Abu and I recently got made the role of Quality Assurance Lead at my organisation.
    My experience in a specific QA role is limited although my developer and analytical roles have involved Quality Assuring data
    The help id like is some mentoring on the best ways to get started in such a role as I will be the lead for my department in the QA or new and existing products building test suites etc

I can be contacted on abulfc@yahoo.com

Many thanks

(Bruno) #55


I am Bruno, i would like a mentor to take me through the process of automation using java language scripting and selenium tool.
I can be contacted via email: adolo.okhueleigbe@yahoo.com


(Abd El-Rahman) #56


Who am I: I’m a QA specialist with 5 years of total testing experience, ISTQB Foundation Certified & Agile Tester Certified).

What I can help with: I can help with Manual testing, Test Strategy, API Testing using many tools and a little bit Performance Testing.

What I think I need help with: I want a Mentor to help me in my Performance Testing Learning Journey.

how to get in contact with me:

Email: arhmnamin@gmail.com



(Andrei) #57

Hi! My name is Andrei, I’m 25 years old, living in Saint Petersburg, Russia, this Fall entered the university of telecommunications (https://www.sut.ru/eng). I want to become a QA tester.
I finished offline classes of QA Testing about a year ago, (so I know basics of testing, test documentation) but it still very hard to find a job or even an internship. I do have interviews from time to time, but they ends unsuccessfully.

I need help with all that concerns Junior Tester and interviews. Tips, advices how to behave on interview, what and where to learn, it coul be be just links to what to learn, watch, I’ll really appreciate any help.

You can get in touch with me by email: andreigamalii@gmail.com or Telegram: @andygam

(Heather) #58

Hi Andrei,

Have you seen this article from @cassandrahl

(Cassandra) #59

Thanks for the reference, Heather.

Andrei, this might also be relevant: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/dojo/lessons/how-to-become-a-software-tester-without-a-computer-science-degree?s_id=20331

(Nadin Doughem) #60

Hello, my name is Nadin I am an industrial Engineer. However I have shifted my career several times and here I am now trying my skills to work out in becoming a QA software tester. I am entirely new to the field. I am seeking to be a black box tester and I would be grateful If I could be guided by a mentor through the initial steps needed.

(Nadin Doughem) #61

@bodda could you be my mentor in kickstarting my career with zero knowledge in coding?