Looking for a mentor?

(Pepe) #62

Hi there!

Who you are
I graduated in June 2018 from a field of study not related at all (law&business) and started in august as a QA manual tester, so 5-6 months of experience doing manual testing, reporting defects and some planning, all via HP ALM.

what you think you need help with
I want to improve, in a way that’s not the fastest but on a good pace and knowing that’s efficient and doesn’t waste time, because I want to invest my free time in this. That’s why I ask for guidance, a mentor who can help me set a path to learn, do and complete. Due to my ignorance here, I don’t wanna run around like a headless chicken trying to learn things that won’t be of use at all, etc. I want to learn and do it correctly.

where you want to get to
Tht’s something i’m not sure i’m aware of too ^^U. My old team leader (changed company in December) explained to me that there were functional profiles for people like me that didn’t have technical background, like test managers or functional analyst as a goal to achieve, starting as a manual tester. My new boss kind of said the same, but I think after reading and talking with fellow testers and him, that I want to get technical knowledge too (learn to program, automation, to be better in my job, understanding devs and be a better professional and skilled QA…),while going towards my goal and improving. Trying to have a “hybrid” profile is possible?

how to get in contact with you
You can quote me here, and I can give you my email, telegram, twitter, etc.
If someone is willing to help I’ll answer for sure and be thankful hahahha