Looking for a mentor?

(Pepe) #62

Hi there!

Who you are
I graduated in June 2018 from a field of study not related at all (law&business) and started in august as a QA manual tester, so 5-6 months of experience doing manual testing, reporting defects and some planning, all via HP ALM.

what you think you need help with
I want to improve, in a way that’s not the fastest but on a good pace and knowing that’s efficient and doesn’t waste time, because I want to invest my free time in this. That’s why I ask for guidance, a mentor who can help me set a path to learn, do and complete. Due to my ignorance here, I don’t wanna run around like a headless chicken trying to learn things that won’t be of use at all, etc. I want to learn and do it correctly.

where you want to get to
Tht’s something i’m not sure i’m aware of too ^^U. My old team leader (changed company in December) explained to me that there were functional profiles for people like me that didn’t have technical background, like test managers or functional analyst as a goal to achieve, starting as a manual tester. My new boss kind of said the same, but I think after reading and talking with fellow testers and him, that I want to get technical knowledge too (learn to program, automation, to be better in my job, understanding devs and be a better professional and skilled QA…),while going towards my goal and improving. Trying to have a “hybrid” profile is possible?

how to get in contact with you
You can quote me here, and I can give you my email, telegram, twitter, etc.
If someone is willing to help I’ll answer for sure and be thankful hahahha


(aj) #63

Who I am: AJ a software tester based in London. I have just over 10 years software testing experience. I have believe it or not just started to learn very slowly automation.
What I think I need help with: midlife career crisis - I don’t know if I want to be a tester anymore

Where I would like to get to: I would like to gain an understanding of how other testers have handled making this decision

How to get in touch with me: @

@ AjParadith


(Violetta) #64

My name is Violet.
I have been working as a manual software testing engineer for 4 years.
Now I feel like I am stuck.
I want to be more technical and start learning automation testing.
A lot of people tell me that I feel like this because I have never had a mentor.
I do not have Computer aducation but I really want to be a great QA engineer.
Please contact me if you can help even with a piece of advice.
I hope I can help with something too.
Best regards, hope to hear from you.

(Kim) #65

Hey @viola sending you an email with some tips that helped me :slight_smile:

(Muz Raj) #66


I am also after a mentor. Ive been doing manual testing for over seven years and I am looking at Automation testing. Automation can be a bit tricky and very hard to grasp for newbies such as myself. I have even asked questions about Automation on this forum. I do feel I would benefit a lot from someone who can guide me through the correct ways of Automating. I have some basic foundation of Java and Selenium web driver which I hope is enough.
Please contact via PM on here and hopefully, we can go from there.

(Viv) #67

You may wish to look at @friendlytester free automation courses, mot also have some great courses on the dojo to help you on your way.

(Muz Raj) #68

Thanks for the info @vivrichards.

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(Margot Berger) #69

who you are
My name is Margot Berger, I’m a lone software tester at a Start-up outside of Philadelphia PA

what you think you need help with
I came into the testing world almost 6 years ago. Since then, I have rose to be the Director of QA but have relied heavily on manual testing and screen recorders that generate python code that could be used for automated tests.

where you want to get to
I want to be able to have a better understanding of computer science so that I can begin to build a framework and automated tests. I want to be seen as an engineer, not just an test analyst and tester

how to get in contact with you
Contact me via PM here or DM on Twitter Margotlo

Thanks in advance!

(Emily Lin) #70

Hi everyone,

Thanks for having me here.

  • who you are
    I’m Emily, originally from Shanghai China but now living in the mid-west of the US. My work background was completed unrelated to IT industry but I encouraged myself to pursue the thing I’m really interested in.

  • what you think you need help with
    I’m looking for a person guiding me on how to start the journey of being a software tester. Where should I start as a beginner with zero experience?

  • where you want to get to
    The entry level

  • how to get in contact with you

Thank you very much!