Having serious issues with waits! Selenium WebDriver C#

Hi All,

I’m currently creating my first automation framework and first test case - so far so good, but I’m now running into serious issues trying to get a decent ‘wait’ implemented.

My research so far is telling me that explicit waits are better practice than implicit wait, and sleeps should be avoided like the plague unless absolutely unavoidable. The test that I am running against the website is intermittently throwing up ‘element not found’ or ‘element not visible’ exceptions and terminating the test run - if I rerun the test then the previous exception might suddenly pass but then another one will fail.

I can only presume that this behaviour is down to the time the site is taking to load elements, but the thing that’s really confusing me is that even when I wait for an element to be present and then try to interact with it, I may still get an exception sometimes.

For example, I’ll do this check to ensure that this element is available:

new WebDriverWait(Driver.Instance, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(20)).Until(ExpectedConditions.ElementExists((By.XPath(//LABEL[@data-toggle='dropdown))));

Then I’ll click on it:


But this will sometimes not work. The element is a dropdown menu and I know it’s on the page and should be clickable, so am completely stumped!

Any advice on a good approach to waiting to a: run tests and quickly as possible and b: not have them fall over due to running too quickly would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



As is often the case with me, two days of searching in vain and about half an hour after this post I seem to have stumbled across a fix!

Turns out that replacing ExpectedConditions.ElementExists with ExpectedConditions.ElementToBeClickable has apparently solved all my issues! I guess that beforehand the check was just ensuring that the element existed and Selenium tried to select it before it was actually clickable!


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