Hello from S.Korea

Hi :wave:

My name is Jaesub Park who is from S.Korea

I’ve been a tester since last year.

Since our company has been develop an automated testing tool for Mobile game and application.
I am not join nor write an article for selling our product. It will not be subject to sales to Individual.
In addition, I am sure that I can introduce tool here.
It is easy to use and will help for the testers. Of course, it will not replace all the testing works.
If it is OK, I will post up more information about the tool.

Anyway, I was looking for the QA community, and I think I found the right place. Nice to meet you.


Welcome @bowman to MoT! :slight_smile:

This is the perfect place <3 what kind of testing are you into or want to learn about?

Major testing field are mobile game based on automation.
Since our company members were so dedicated to this project for many years, but when I see it, it still need to be improved. I really like to feedback from you or other members.

I got some asking for free trial in Korea, but not from anywhere else. Really wondering why.
If it is OK, I will explain more about the tool, but here is homepage address as below.
More than welcome for asking free trial license.


Welcome @bowman. I am sure you will love it here