Hey there, Steve from Long Eaton

Hiya everyone,

It’s been a few years since I’ve had to formally introduce myself. Hopefully I still have your attention!

Areas of testing I’m interested in? Test design/strategy - seeing the bigger picture - I suppose.

What would I like to learn? How to stay relevant in today’s testing industry and (a second if I may) how to shake off my imposter syndrome.

I’m also very interested in helping others progress on their testing journey.



Long Eaton - now there’s a place I’ve not thought about much for some years (partly family connections, partly dealing with a lot of clients in Long Eaton when I was in a [non-IT] public-facing role very many years ago).

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome Steve!

Seeing the bigger picture is also one of my favourite parts of working in a testing role - we definitely add a lot of value there!

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Welcome! I’m with you on staying relevent - I need to get out my comfort zone and learn some new skills in the upcoming year.

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Welcome to the club, you are definitely not alone on the imposter syndrome front. I do find it helps to get into celebrating every victory.

As for new skills and ideas, you are in the right place for that.

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Welcome Steve!

I used to live on Shakespeare Rd in Long Eaton back when I was a games tester, happy memories!

Once upon a time I wrote a blog about trying to stay relevant in testing with some tips, it’s probably not aged that well, but take a look and let me know what you think.

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Hey Chris,
Really good and interesting article you have there.

It seems we have more in common than just Long Eaton! I used to work at Nottingham Trent University back in the day.

Oh I’ve sent you a LinkedIn request as well.

Speak soon,

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Thanks Steve,

I’ve accepted the connection request, I look forward to catching up some time