HolidayBash Drawing Session: The Basics of Drawing a Portrait

:art: Do you want to learn the basics of drawing a portrait or maybe just have a session to practise your mad drawing skills?

We will be using ourselves as models for this exercise unless you have someone willing to stand still for a full hour!
Here’s what you’ll need to have in advance:

  1. Standing mirror close to your drawing area
  2. Graphite pencils of different degrees from fine to crisp - or just one normal pencil
  3. Several sheets of printing white paper or any other paper you feel like drawing on - Min size: A4 (if you have A3 or bigger even better)
  4. Rubber
  5. Any other drawing materials you might want to use

You don’t need to have any drawing skills or past drawing experience. This session is intended to teach some basics but also to have some fun in getting some crazy results!

After this session, you will have the perfect (or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but that’s ok) gift for this Holiday Season!

:wave:t2: Who’s joining me?


I drew Auntie Sabrina during the session! And learned a valuable lesson about where the lip line goes! Been doing it wrong all my life hahaha~ Thank you!

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This is just brilliant!!! Love this drawing Bruce! :smiley:

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