How do I ace the intial 1st round interview

I am planning to migrate from my country Bangladesh, so I am giving interviews at any EU country wherever visa sponsorship is provided. The interview pattern is quite different here. I have looked through the resources in MOT and also googled and checked several forums and resources but still, I don’t seem to ace the initial round. The questions are quite basic and I know how to answer but I get rejected, so can anyone suggest me any good resources or any tips so that I can ace the initial introduction call and move to the technical interview. I am listing down some of the basic questions I usually get asked, I already gave around 8 interviews but sadly none of them lead to the 2nd round.

  1. tell me about yourself - I give my basic intro on my work , the cross culture i got to adapt with through out my whole life )

  2. what stack I am currently/have experience working with ( I explain my stacks and tools as I have worked with)

  3. How do I handle the conflict between the dev and QA ( for this question my answer is to sit with the developer and go through the issue together to clear out the misunderstanding as at end of the day product need to up and running smoothly for the user to it)

  4. What is my future plan for the upcoming 5 year and what skillset I need to learn to reach that ( my answer is QA manager as I have total 8year+ experience within 8 year I have 3year+ QA experience along with being professionally certified ast ISTQB CTFL and CSM) and I also explain what skills I need to learn or my area of improvement as that’s how the question is being asked

  5. WHich areas/technical skills I would love to explore/learn ( I check their stack and answer accordingly)

  6. Will I be able to adapt to the companies culture ( I explain how I can be a good fit as through out my whole life I studied in foreign school and worked at a remote job , where people from all over the world was there to work with)

  7. Why I am planning to migrate to their country

  8. Then at the end they ask me to ask questions so basically
    I ask about which stack they are working at,
    what methodology are they following,
    how are the work-life balance and the company culture, people from how many countries are working together,
    is there a work-life balance
    what activities do they do to improve the bonding between colleagues

Also, I have no problem with English fluency. It’s my second language.

Normally I would just be like " be yourself " but did you ever ask why you were not chosen?

This is a really good thing to do.

If I were to ask you after each interview that you did β€œHow do YOU think the interview went?”
What would you reply?

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It was good according to me, but I think I am missing out on something is it my skillset or the way I represent myself in the interview I am confused with that. What type of candidate do the prefer for relocating I am confused regarding it, definitely, the candidate needs to be exceptional as the company needs to go through a lot to migrate the candidate from outside of EU. From my country its very difficult for the QA to migrate and the chances are really few , whereas many developers was able to migrate comparatively.

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