How do you discover new tools to help with your testing?

:toolbox: How do you discover new tools to help with your testing?

:pray: Tell us more in the comments.

  • Team members
  • Testing community
  • Technology news
  • Events & Conferences
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All of them and:

(x) Developing them by myself


I believe that the best way to discover new tools is by having tasks and problems that require them :sweat_smile: Why bother trying something new if you don’t have a real advantage in using it or a problem to solve? Of course, it’s always good to learn and try new things but it’s a different story :slight_smile: Some tools may be useful for me in the future, but it’s mostly about developing your skills and exploring new options. Sometimes, in terms of improving my work efficiency new tools are useless because I don’t have appropriate cases to use them or existing is effective enough for the business, and implementing new solutions to potentially improve something by 1% might be more expensive than not doing it at all. Frankly speaking, I can’t say that learned lots of new tools from team members, the testing community, tech news and conferences, mostly I had some need for a tool and looked for them :wink:


Most of the time, when I google for a tool, I find tools that have no descriptions at all, but happen to do some of what I want. So I often end up writing my own tool.

Hence forums are my best place to find tools because human natural language has a way of just describing what a tool is good for, so much better than any docs or wiki page can. Forum users also tend to happily add all the health warnings for tools that don’t really “solve” the problem you don’t really have.


I follow 2-3 big voices on LinkedIn and they usually post about it :slight_smile:
and then of course I come to this community and read about the latest and greatest haha


Surprised to see internet (re)search isn’t an obvious poll/vote option. That’s usually my first goto / path for discovering tools for testing among other things.

The result might lead to testing community (e.g. here) or elsewhere, or I might end up writing my own tools as others have mentioned here based on the research findings.

Coming across tools from community like here, or news like blog post and others, or hearing about it from colleague are usually secondary and happen by chance.

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All of the above.

I discover tools from:

  1. Social Media
  2. Developers
  3. Fellow Testers
  4. Communities
  5. Conferences
  6. App Stores - Categories: Productivity, Note-taking
  7. Browser Extension Stores

Tool hunting is like a trekking trip. It is filled with ups and downs.

Ups = Micro tool that gives huge support (power) to your work.
Downs = Wasted time in exploring tools or ending up with an overcomplicated / overly-priced tools.

How do I have this experience? I have written a book on tools for testers by hunting tools and exploring them. It’s this one: Ultimate Productivity… by Rahul Parwal et al. [PDF/iPad/Kindle] (

I want to work on a part # 2 but not getting time :frowning:

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Like i already replied all of these on social handles.

  1. Through good friends outside your office and team members.It could be anyone who is in the lookout for it.
  2. Developer Conferences apart from Testing ones
  3. Google Dev Groups meetups
  4. Your own curiosity with your eyes wide open.
  5. By creating them yourself too I haven’t done this but i appreciate everyone who has done this.
  6. When you look for tools by exploring alternatives to it also we can discover.
  7. Product Hunt Page
  8. When you write reviews for tools on various sites that’s also a way to find out more tools.
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This amazing book has so many of them.I use many listed from this.