How do you improve your manual test cases?

I’m curious to hear tips on improving your manual test cases.

Here is a few thing I do:

  • If there are at least two test with same steps, I write a Shared Step test and re-use it in both of those tests
  • If a test case has certain requirements I put those in the pre-conditions section - I preferer doing that instead of having one test case be depended on another
  • If I got a lot of similar test cases (for example, just for checking different combinations of input, drop-down selections, etc.) I just use parameters so I don’t have to waste time writing separate test cases for each of those options.
  • Another thing I do is group the test cases into test suits by functionality, usually I have one test set per user story (Jira ID + name of the US) , so if I need to check that test case later I know where to look for it
  • I try to have one test only check on thing, this way I end up with a lot of short test cases, rather than a few test cases but with too many steps, I find it’s more manageable to have lot of shorter ones

What else would you improve? If you’re using manual test cases, that is. :grinning:

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I am guessing you watched TestBashHome (free to attendees ), there is a session on the very topic of “test cases are dead”.

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I haven’t watched that one yet, I’ll need to check out the recording!

Edit, if this is the one you’re referring to, I’m checking it now:

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