How do you transition teams from focusing on test cases?

What are some good experience reports of teams transitioning to exploratory testing (from a testcase culture)? I had seen a nice video on cast. Looking for more: From Test Cases to Context-Driven: A Startup Story - YouTube

If people have been writing testcases for years, how do you get them to change? What do you get them to do first? Is there a gradual transition?

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I wrote an article on this for Ministry of Testing which was published recently, you might find it interesting:


Hi @nilanjanb. The first question to ask is why do the testers write test cases. Try to understand why the fixation with test cases, who is demanding them and why.
There are a lot of misconceptions around test cases; it’s a good idea to address them with the team and offer alternatives.
Start here: Breaking the Test Case Addiction (Part 1) « Developsense Blog
This is a great series of blog posts, don’t stop at part 1.

My advice:

  1. Practice and get good at activity-based test management (test management centred on the testing activity ) as opposed to artifact-based test management (test management centred on test artifacts or procedures, like test cases). This way you can coach the team.
  2. Get in touch with people who can help and ask for their help.
  3. Get management on board with the idea. You will need to be able to explain to them how you’re tracking and reporting testing.
  4. Just do it! Don’t over-think it. Get your team on board and go with it. I will be difficult at the start, the notes will be sloppy, the reports will take long to put together but that’s only going to improve.