How does the OpenTelemetry CNCF Project Test its Demo App?

The OpenTelemetry CNCF project is developing unifying standards to help instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data, including metric, logs and traces, in an open, standards based way. This ‘OTel’ standard is being widely adopted by APM and Observability companies, including Grafana, DataDog, New Relic, Dynatrace, Lightstep and others. To help educate new users, it provides a demo ‘store front’ written in many different languages (JS, Elixir, Go, C#, PHP) utilizing multiple distributed micro services. These services are constantly being updated by numerous people in the CNCF community (83 total contributors). With this many contributors, most of who have ‘day jobs’ at other companies, constantly making changes… how do they test the service and ensure there are no breaking changes?

With observability, of course! We (Tracetest) had the opportunity to make a contribution recently to add a full set of test suites to the project. Daniel describes this work in a post written to the OTel blog, Trace-based Testing the OpenTelemetry Demo, and includes some example tests and links to the tests in the repo. Would love thoughts on the article and the tests Daniel wrote - I thought they ended up being very clean and descriptive.

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