How to Bring Accessibility Testing into Your Teams? with Laveena Ramchandani

For our fifteenth session of TestBash Home 2021, @laveenaramchandani01 takes to the stage to talk about why accessibility testing is important and how you can coach your team to start doing accessibility testing.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions we didn’t get to

  1. Are there any apps like Axe Pro that would help with a11y testing of mobile apps? I’ve got Scanner for Android but could do with some better tools
  2. Can you please share some industry standard tools you have used for Accessibility Testing which are more effective in realtime?
  3. Any top tips for generating good conversations as a new a11y advocate who wants people to talk about it but may not know how to lead/shape effective chats?
  4. What are the biggest challenges have you faced in making A11y testing and related issues more integrated into development processes?
  5. How do you get buy in that accessibility testing is more than a tick box exercise? what do you focus on in your justification?
  6. Is there a particular standard you aim for in accessibility e.g. AA in your software?
  7. a11y have severity levels (axe ruleset), do you use the same severity levels when reporting those issues to the team?
  8. If product are not actively losing business due to its absence, how do we go about advocating for a11y? I feel we can raise it but cannot get it prioritised.
  9. How can I check how much accessible is my website?
  10. Do you find that having people who work in tech tending to have better/clearer monitors and other devices causes issues with A11y testing?
  11. Do you find A11y is more open to regression than other forms of issues, as a lot of the testing is more manual?
  12. Is there any amount of end users(e.g. 1k, 10k…) where a focus on a11y is a must/recommended? or should a11y always be considered.
  13. What are some good resources to learn about a11y for beginners?
  14. Can you post your checklist in the club please! :smiley:
  15. What would you suggest to a novice tester to start small with accessibility testing?
  16. I worry I might miss something that someone with a disability might face. Do you ever consider using an external company with that experience to help?
  17. What tool were you using for showing blurred vision and no emulation?
  18. How can you make sure what feels accessible to is actually accessible to others?
  19. When and how would you consider getting a11y feedback from the ‘actual’ users of your product?
  20. IS adherence to w3c wcag standards for html and css a good way to ensure a bit of accessibility?
  21. What onus should be put on a web apps for accessibility when operating systems have native tools like text to speech, high contrast and magnification etc?

Resources mentioned

  1. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
  7. Introduction To Accessibility Testing | MoT
  8. An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues
  11. Accessibility – Co-op Digital Blog
  13. Accessibility – GOV.UK Design System
  14. Microsoft Design
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