How to conduct testing on multi language supporting website/Mobile app?

How to test multi language supporting Mobile app?

This is a very general question. May I suggest that you add a little more context about your situation and maybe some dimensions to which you want some answers. Like strategy, tools, techniques and so on.

Hi ,

I need to validate the APP which are supporting for multi languages manually.

Could you please provide approach , how can i achieve this.

Hello @subbu!

My impression of applications that support multiple languages do so using look up tables. That is, specific content is organized using a content key, perhaps, and a language key. When the application must render content, it specifies the content key and the language key.
If the application is organized in this manner, you might simplify the testing by making requests to the look up table rather than through the UI. Then, a handful of tests at the UI level could verify the requests from the UI.


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I’ve done manual testing of multi-language online content in the past; this was template-based online learning and I had access to the templates to create my own test content, so this had both different text and images for the alternative language. As such, if I changed language setting I could very quickly see whether the right content was being delivered or not. I did eventually automate these tests using Selenium IDE.

However, as set out above by Joe if you can test through API calls that would be a much better way to get an automation pack together, and you could then do the majority of your testing that way and do exploratory testing manually through the UI.