How to Include Meetup Members Who Can't Make an Event?

The Ministry of Testing - Boston is more than the twenty or so people who are able to attend an after hours Meetup event. I realized that as we crossed the 900 person mark yesterday.

Members of the Ministry of Testing - Boston may have family duties to attend, older parents to take care of, errands they must do, kids to pick up from day care. They may be still stuck working late, or may be introverts who have given all their energy at work and need to go home to recharge for the next day.

My question: What events can I host that can include these members? Yes, technically, Meetup was created in the early 2000s so people could connect in the physical space. Being in the software industry, I feel our physical and virtual space has merged, so it may be okay.

I’ve pointed members to the social community on The Club, the Ministry of Testing Slack channel, and I have placed webinars on the calendar we can crash as a group.

Have any other ideas?

-T.J. Maher,
@tjmaher1 on Twitter and MoT Slack

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T.J what great ideas I wish they were being used here in Australia.

Currently we do not have a MoT in Brisbane but we do have meetup’s which I attend. Unfortunately we do not have anything virtual for any of the meetups. I personally love virtual talks and attended the AMA talk which started 6am my time but who cares, I was able for an hour to be part of a global learning session that was inspiring.

I hope you can get something going virtual and if you ever open it up to people outside of Boston I would love to attend.

Wish you all the best K

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MoT hosted a test chat not too long ago IIRC, that was kind of fun. Not sure what topics would be good for a more local version of this sort of thing, but that was fairly engaging. Or we could do an AMA with a willing victim er, volunteer. :grin:

Webinars are good too, as you mentioned.

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Hello, Kimberly. Sydney Testers which I am co-chair of are looking for ways to broadcast meetups live or record them. Since NSW and QLD are in very close time zones, you could watch our events live if that’s of interest to you.

HI Paul,

Thank you so much I just joined the Sydney meetup. Really appreciate you guys down south looking to broadcast or record the gatherings. I am hoping to watch the events live :slight_smile:

Will send you a message via meetup.

Cheers K

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