How to learn a Complex System?

(Anurag Khode) #1

In testing when we are on-boarded to any new project, the first and most important thing is to learn the application or the system under test. For testers it is very important to not only test the applications but also to know app functionality in detail and the business rules. While it is not that challenging for the less complex or simple application/systems, it can really be a great challenge when the system is complex and has a lot business rules and configuration? Have you ever tested such application? How do you learn about such system or what is your way/approach/trick that makes learning such system way easier and effective?

(Ady Stokes) #2

We have a very complicated set of connected systems which have built up over time and while I’m not sure there’s a single ‘trick’ to make learning easy there’s a few things I’ve used over time that might help.

Explore to learn. As you look at each area spend time exploring to learn as you can quickly build up knowledge on how to use the system and create a list of questions to be answered.

Rapid Software Testing has some great techniques to help you map systems and learn quickly. Well worth a look into

Mnemonics and Heuristics and help you navigate too so here’s an example of SFDiPOT

Good luck learning and remember to have fun along the way!

(Anurag Khode) #3

Thanks for sharing the link. I understand and agree on your point that heuristics and Mnemonics can help us learning the system faster or helps our mind to access the information faster and making it readily available. I have been following SFDiPOT and other heuristics since few years and they are very helpful.