How to manage dynamic project?

Hi guys. I really want to know your opinion on how to manage in very dynamic project :smile:

I am starting to work on such a project and I wonder if maybe you have experiences that are worth sharing with less experienced people :smile:

How to start? What about the documentation? How to get along with developers?
Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Marysia, welcome to The Club!
What do you mean by “Dynamic Project”? A big project with lots of people involved? A project with quickly changing requirements?

I’m still fairly new to testing, but I have found on the bigger projects that I have worked on that having a firm grasp of who the customer is and how they use your product is invaluable.
Having a couple of good user-stories is really helpful when I am trying to work out where to begin my testing. That and they are really good for pointing to when having discussions around user experience.


Thank you for your answer! It is definitely about the changing requirements quickly and how to handle it :thinking:

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Sounds to me like this is something like an Agile team, and that it a new experience. Would that be correct? Trying to understand what the dynamic part is, and what you’re experience with it is.

Similar to Chris, having decent user stories (or simialr) for requirements will help. Your plans / testing strategy will need to be more adaptive to change and understanding the product vision will help keep you on the right track.

If “dynamic” in this context doesn’t equate to “agile/Agile” but instead to “chaotic”, first things first, figure out how to keep your head above water. Find out what you need to do to survive, but don’t try go in with the attitude that you have to save the sinking ship or anything; that’s a sure fire recipe for burnout.

While you’re treading water, take the time to evaluate what’s going on, and try to figure out why there’s so much chaos. Generally speaking, the main reason for chasing the shiny can be traced to an individual (or lack of an individual). That is, it might be a new founder/CEO who doesn’t have much experience, and while being a great IC, hasn’t figured out how to be a leader, and since the company is her baby, she hasn’t figured out that not everything is an emergency. Or maybe it’s the lack of someone filling a product type role and there’s no actual road map, no one is prioritizing anything, and it’s just chaos.

Regardless of the why, figure out ways to address that, work around it, etc, to try and add more sanity , whether that’s managing up and explaining how the churn is actually slowing the team down, finding someone to step up and fill a product role, maybe it’s just needing an engineering lead, etc.

@ marysiablazej: Please explain more “Dynamic”
few suggestions for project:

  1. Documentation is a key, capture details
  2. Identify the pain areas and discuss with team in retro meetings for issues and come with solutions
  3. Lesson learnt is very much important , this will help team to learn and improve
  4. communication: With word “Dynamic” , clear and transparent communication is vey important

In terms of testing:

  1. Smoke testing is important
  2. see if you can integrate CI /CD that will help