How to teach testing to the team?

Let’s suppose there is a team: some developers, PM, PA, SE and a tester. The company does not have QA, but in team the testplan and strategy has been developed. The problem is that tester is alone when talking about testing or quality overall. Everyone except the tester often mixes QA, QC and testing :slight_smile: .
So what would be the first steps introducing testing to the team? What are the necessary points that definitely should be covered and what topics actually can be skipped? How to teach testing to the team so that the team actually understands and is from this point forward really positive about testing, everyone understands that quality is a team accomplishment?
Thank You for the good advice!

Like you have mentioned a team has developers, PM, PA, SE and a tester all working together. Although developer, QA has different roles but testing can also be done by developer. In nutshell , a QA always make sure that the project is conforming to the prospect of the any organization. Through QA proficiency issue can be prevented and client satisfaction can be enhanced in more delightful manner.

Quality control pertains scrutiny of all department or branches by means of certain standard sets and deciding if they are adhered to the specific protocols for the final delivery of any build or release. We can say Quality control is a cognitive procedure to make sure that the quality is preserved or reinforced further and better.

The testing is an activity to further look into and search a system to discover any imperfection.

If the team in any software testing company is aware about above differences then It becomes quite easy to teach testing to the members. Let the tester do his job in finding bugs, other team members should also understand that QA processes should setup and start even before the deliverable. On the other side, QC processes starts whenever you initiate any activity in the organization.

I hope with this information once can understand the testing perspectives and teach testing to anyone.