I ordered test sphere bundle

It seems interesting :slight_smile:

Welcome @jeonghan_choi :wave: I’d love to hear what you find interesting about it :slight_smile:

Our team is very large so it’s not easy to spread experiences.
I guess we could do small talks with test sphere.

And there are no retrospectives after done QA activities. I guess this would be helpful :slight_smile:
It’s kind of cultural things. I expect that starting those activities is not easy.


That sounds like the perfect scenario for using TestSphere. :smiley: I’ve used it for risk mapping a bit, and it’s so good for generating insights and sharing knowledge between people across roles. Remember to tell us how it goes afterwards! :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you’ve got a lot of possibilities there :grinning:

Happy to talk through ideas with you here and I’m sure @berenvd (the creator of TestSphere) would have some ideas to share with you too

I received the package!

But I’m afraid that we are currently do remote work because of the Coronavirus.

Is it Okay to share thoughts in public online QA community?

I’m concerning about copyright.

I’m planning to pick one of cards and asking about thoughts. (I’d translate into Korean.)

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Hi There!

You can share some of the cards and experiences online, but I’d rather not have you share all the cards at once. We’re also building RiskStormingOnline.com which might help you collaborate!
If you want to get some ideas, get in touch! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I won’t share them at once. Just once a week sharing thoughts.
I’ll check RiskStorming too!