Internal/External Testing

On our boards, we had columns for Internal Review and External Review. Friday morning, for my squad, I decided to scrap them, and have one column, although keep the column headers as a prompt. Do other people bother having separate column, or do you just one - the idea being that if it’s ready to test, the client may as well test too (as long as it’s things that won’t have an effect on their live systems (for example, if they have a testing environment, or, in our instance, a test account)?

Hi Chris,

I firmly believe this depends on the relationship with your customer.
In the past I was in a situation where the customer had 4x more testers than my team and we established a similar approach where if they were available the tested prior to us.
However I was also in a position where everything had to be checked before it went to the customer because they were too needy and not really communicative.

Also the success rate is important. If the customer reopens a lot of tickets then there might be some issue somewhere and might cause friction with the customer.


Thank you Peter. You’re certainly right about the relationship. Fortunately, the last couple of projects, I’ve been able to work with good testers on their side, who were quick to return feedback, and were pleasant to work with. Nothing would move into Done Done until I’ve completed my testing and they’re happy to sign off. I think, as long as they’re aware it’s undergoing testing at our end, and are made aware once my testing is complete, they can make an informed decision about whether they want to test it or not.