Interview Question # 5 - How do you test a washing machine, a vending machine etc?

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During TestBash Careers yesterday, our community members suggested a few questions you can encounter when attending an interview.

As these questions will need answers, I thought: ‘what better place to ask them than at The Club?’

I’ll be creating a series of posts, one for each of the questions raised by the community, and open the discussion for you all to contribute with your thoughts and together help our fellow community members who are looking to interview (both interviewee and interviewer).

Question #5: How do you test a washing machine, a vending machine etc?

  • How would you answer this in an interview?
  • If you don’t know the answer, how would you tell your interviewer you don’t actually know the answer?
  • How might you reframe this question if you were to ask this as an interviewer?
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I stumbled upon this by accident, it might be helpful to someone:

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Sadly I already know the answer to that. I’m actually here because my last job asked me the same question. But because I like you already, I’ll answer as honestly as I can anyway:
By finding and reviewing my CV and then promptly sending out job applications in bulk. Thanks for your time though.

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