Is there a test strategy document for the whole organisation / company?

I have to write a test strategy document (or how do you call it?) for the whole organisation/company.
Is there a document for? Or just some more information so that I don’t forget anything.
All the teams are working Agile and with SCRUM.

I am new in the role of test lead, so this is also new for me.

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It is called a test policy.


Hi Suzanne.

I am also new to QA Lead and have the same task as you coming up. An external source shared this useful information with us:

An overview of Test Policy and Test Strategy can found in the ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager syllabus at:

I suggest looking at the following sections:

2.4.1 Test Policy (p32)
2.4.2 Test Strategy (p32, p34 bullets)

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Has your company had a test strategy document before?
Do you know what your company is expecting when they ask for a “test strategy document”?

You might have a fair bit of freedom to define what YOU think would benefit the company best when it comes to a company-wide test strategy, feel free to pick and choose what ISTQB suggests, but honestly I think it’s up to you to focus on the aspects that will best benefit your company.

(I created one for my company a few months ago that also is working with Agile, and focussed a lot on making sure testers get involved early and having clear communication be an integral part of our test strategy).

Lastly, the hard work comes not in creating the document but in the follow-up making sure people follow it, understand it etc.

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Thank you for your answer.
No we didn’t have a test strategy document before.

Yes I know what they expect. To get a clear view what the testers are doing and when. So also making sure testers get involved early and having clear communication.
And also thinking about what tools we are using for what actions.

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