Is there any automation tool to test AI applications

Off lately the topic testing AI applications has interested me a lot. I have been exploring a lot on how to test test AI application. The questions i am looking answers for are -

  1. What should be the mindset of a QA to test AI applications
  2. What skills a QA should have
    3.What innovative test approaches can we use

With the complexities these systems offer i believe a lot human cognitivity is required while testing these system. Can you suggest any tool which we can use while testing a AI application. I know the tools would be different for different scenarios. But can we think of any generic tool or may the aresa where we can use automation while testing the AI applications.

Naturally, AI communities have developed many techniques for validation of the methods based on AI.

But, as you said, they are contextual.
If you could detail the problem you are facing, we could drill down on the alternative solutions.