It's your first day on the job, what are the first three tools you install?

(Mark) #21

For me I prefer Notepad ++ as you can have multiple tabs, search multiple docs, and it formats code well too.

(Timmo) #22
  1. Chrome
  2. Notepad++, I like the search functionality in Notepad++ more then the search in Sublime
  3. Either 7zip or Python

(karo) #23
  • Firefox
  • Cygwin (for all the lovely Linux Utilities)
  • Jing (Screenshot Tool from TechSmith)

(James Thomas) #24

On a new Windows PC I’d install:

  • Chrome (obvs)
  • Ninite (automatically installs common software, deselects all browser toolbar check boxes etc.)
  • Ubuntu command line tools (one of the sort-of distros offered through the Windows Subsystem for Linux AKA WSL)

If you’ve not heard of Ninite, I definitely recommend checking it out. You choose the programs you want from a list and download a the resulting .exe file, then Ninite installs everything in the background with sensible settings and no adware or other unwanted stuff.

On a new Mac PC I’d install:

  • Chrome
  • Homebrew
  • Docker

(James Thomas) #25

I’ve not used the new openSSH client on Windows 10 yet, but I can recommend giving the Ubuntu command line tools a try (enable Windows Subsystem for Linux then download Ubuntu from the Windows Store) - as a Linux environment it’s not quite perfect, but tools like ssh, rsync, wget etc. work really well.

(ernie) #26

I pick Notepad++ since it’s under the GPL and doesn’t require a paid license of any sort.

While you can use Sublime w/o a license, you’re supposed to pay for a license. I’ve never paid for one, so I’m not comfortable using it, especially on work systems where I expose both myself and my employer . On the other hand, if you do pay the $80, it’s a pretty generous personal license, allowing for as many copies as you want for your use, including commercial use.

(ernie) #27

I’ve used the Ubuntu stuff on my personal machine, just not in a work environment. I’m not sure how much I’d use since when I’m on Windows I’ve developed all the work arounds for not having many of the command line niceties from *nix environments, but it seemed to work fine.

(Stéphane) #28

“…given a bog standard installation of Windows?” then I install Open Office and write a resignation letter :scream:

More seriously, I think it really depends on the product you have to test. I wouldn’t install anything before understanding the SUT…sorry if I don’t really answer the question :wink:

(Kate) #29

I’ve always worked in Windows environments.

  • Notepad++
  • Jing
  • 7-zip

Closely followed by

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Fiddler
  • WinMerge

(Pat) #30

A great question - and a great selection of tools here, some are new to me, some are familiar

Mine (at the moment) would be:

  • TextWrangler (great text editor, with lots of built-in tools)
  • Xmind (Mind mapping straight away, day 1…)
  • Firefox Quantum (has built-in screenshots tool now)

Closely followed by:

  • Slack (use it on nearly all my freelance projects now)
  • Charles (use this on almost all projects now)

(Iain) #31
  1. Xmind - can’t live without it!
  2. A screenshot tool of some kind - currently using Jing, but have used Greenshot.
  3. Notepad++