TestBash Home 2021: 10 Minute Talks

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the 10 Minute talks and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions from Butch’s 10 minute talk

  1. Guna @alt_lv
    Thank you for your talk :slight_smile: how many times it takes to decide “this calls for handy script”?


  1. https://www.alfredapp.com/
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Howdy folks here are the links from the 10min video. I hope this inspires some new ideas or speeds up someones workflow!

Text Expanders
(Windows) Texter: texter/Releases/0.6 at master · BMayhew/texter · GitHub (Free)
(Windows) Autohotkey (scripting): https://www.autohotkey.com/ (Free)
(Mac) aText - Mac: aText - Text template, shortcut, expansion for Mac and Windows ($4.99)

Productivity Launchers
(Windows) Launchy::Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher (Free/Donation)
(Mac) Alfred: https://www.alfredapp.com/ (Free/ w upgrade option)


Great tips, though “I find your lack of [Linux options] disturbing” :wink:

To that end, here are a couple of Linux offerings:

Text Expanders
Espanso: A minimal text expansion app that doesn’t have a GUI, but uses the command line to set all configurations.
Autokey: It’s really a macro tool but it has a GUI specifically for text expanding.

Productivity Launchers
Albert: A flexible and powerful productivity app inspired by Alfred.
Ulauncher: A great application launcher that has a boat load of plugins that expand it’s functionality. It lacks Alfred’s workflows, but one can create one’s own launch scripts.


Thanks for filling in some blanks @haronniin ! If I had a linux box would have identified and added to the list, just didn’t want to add something I’d never used :slight_smile:

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Synthetic API Tests



  1. What is the main advantage to DataDog compared to PostMan?
  2. I thought Datadog was mainly a monitoring tool. Are they expanding into testing areas as well?

JSON Web Tokens with Postman

By @alopezari

Resources mentioned

  1. GitHub - alopezari/postman-jwt: This collections contains a request with an example of how to create a JSON web token using the Postman Sandbox.
  2. Postman workspace example: Postman
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Using WAVE to Test for Accessbility with Ioan Solderea


  1. Jeffrey Reading> What standards does WAVE test against? W3, EU standards, US standards?

Resources mentioned




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@jreading - It is not a specific standard but a mix of accessibility issue/points.

Please find the up tp date list with all of the checks done and the error codes