Thank you for a brilliant October - A 30 Days of Tools/Test.bash(); Final Community Roundup

Thank you for such a brilliant October. Huge congrats to you if you picked up at least of the 30 Days of Tools challenges and/or attended Test.bash();. We genuinely recognise the effort, time, and commitment it takes to get involved in challenges and an event like Test.bash();.

Let’s take a look back on the final days of October:

So we hope everyone upped their tool awareness and connected with at least one other person in the community.

How will you apply your learning and connections?

It can be a challenge to apply what you’ve learned throughout a month. Have you taken a moment to explore how you might apply your learnings? How could they benefit you and your team? What have you tried so far? How can the community continue to help you? Feel free to share in the various places the MoT community hangs out. You might inspire someone with something you happen to take for granted.

Is there someone in the community with who you didn’t get a chance to connect? Let me know and I’ll see if I can make the connection (if you’d prefer not to do it yourself: :e-mail:

What’s next?

We recently announced HolidayBash, a half-day relaxing and fun event for the community on 3rd December. Also, Richard and Mark share plans for 2022, with TestBash UK and TestBash World.

Thanks again for a wonderful October. :pray:

- Simon, CommunityBoss

ps feel free to share your thoughts and feedback about 30 Days of Tools, we’d love to hear from you!

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