What's your win for the month? - October 2021 🏆

October’s been quite the rollercoaster for me personally.

Lows were surgery and a two-week recovery (which is still ongoing, tbh) and the mega high of 30 Days of Tools and Test.bash();.

It’s amazing to see how much information and useful conversations have started off the back of each daily challenge – so part of the win here is that the effort myself and the MoT team put in appears to have paid off.

Also, this month was the first time I supported an all-day TestBash as a CommunityBoss. What an excellent and somewhat full-on experience. It’s been a good reminder of the power of these events and also helped me reflect on the concept of co-creation. I wrote a 99-second talk during the event, now available as a blog post.

So how’s October been for you? Let’s celebrate your wins in whatever shape and size they come in. We celebrate together and lift each other up. :muscle:

  • I’ve been having a lot of fun taking part in the 30 Days of Testing Tools
  • MoT Sarajevo first meetup went really well, I received a lot of good feedback from speakers and the attendees, @mcgovernaine helped a lot with the Crowdcast platform
  • Testing Tools AMA (my first AMA ever) was pretty dope, I was a bit nervous at first but once the questions started coming, the nervousness went away and @testerfromleic was a huge support!
  • Done some informal consulting for an acquaintance, who’s got a small development company, about improving the testing process, which was very interesting and different from my every day work.
  • Had the pleasure to work with @elizabeth.brown while writing an article about ET testing tools

All in all a busy month, but not in a tiring sense, as lot of it was community oriented which is very fulfilling!

  • I’ve been having a lot of fun taking part in the 30 Days of Testing Tools
  • Found some nice security issues in famous companies :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Attended Test.Bash();
  • Fixed some nice smoke tests
  • Ready for 2 weeks of holidays!

My wins of the month

  • already 1 month in the new job
  • I read a lot about maturity models, I was confused which ones to use, I ended preparing my own questions that I think most relevant to the context.
    Still beginner on that topic, but when I presented it the test manager appreciate all the questions and how I divided them.
  • lot of shopping :shopping:

In October I published a blog post about using a script while exploring.


October has been a remarkable month for me

  • Have been off for 3 whole weeks. Can’t recall the last time I had such a long time off
  • I got a promotion at work. Pleased to get recognition for what I do
  • Presented a talk at Test.Bash()

@mirza – I love how much you achieved in October. Serious kudos to everything you do for the testing community. So glad the AMA was a great experience for you. :raised_hands:

@mikeharris – Thanks for sharing your blog post from October. A total win. I like the simplicity, yet powerful, 3-part framework.

@kristof – Your involvement with #30DaysOfTools has been immense. Thanks for getting so involved. Such a mega-win! :trophy: Enjoy your holiday.

@emna_ayadi - Congrats on making it past 1 month into your new job and experimenting with your own maturity model. Will be cool to discover and find out how things progress.

@han_toan_lim - Always a fan of your writing. Nice article!

@pmichielsen - What an incredible month it’s been for you! Many congrats on your promotion. :muscle::beach_umbrella: