What's your win for the week? w/b 5th July 2021

What’s your win for this week? Let’s celebrate no matter how big or small. :trophy:

I feel good to have slowly got myself back in the MoT mixer after a very difficult time out-of-action in June.

I’m also happy to have shared an exploration into our community mission and values.


My biggest win is that my article got published- first article I ever wrote for the Ministry of Testing! :nerd_face:


Welcome back @simon_tomes ! Hope everything is good for you :slight_smile:

  • Found 4 vulnerabilities in systems
  • Facilitated a mutation testing exploration night at our company
  • Got myself into giving a presentation about pen-testing vs bug bounty
  • First day at the office again!

Good to see you back @simon_tomes


Wins for me this week:

  • Was in the office for 3 days. Change of scenery felt good, and also managed to get a lot of stuff done which wouldn’t have been possible remotely
  • Had an in-person 1:1 with my manager since who knows how long. The conversation flowed so much better than over video
  • Working with our production facility to include some automated tests as part of the production process. Proper shifting right

And for a fail:

  • I missed a motorway exit on one of the days I commuted into the office (was pondering over some tasks for the day). That resulted in an extra 10 miles added to the journey

Gotta love going to the office :smiley:
Let’s get go back into lockdown, 1 less problem


Hi all,

Vacation mode here, and one win was to let my work phone run out of power and leave it :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see my blog post on Conway’s law getting shared. It’s based on some ponderings from Test Bash Home 2021 and the ever ongoing pyramid… Conway’s Law for Test Automation?

Not so great: I had a fewer reaction to the second shot and Denmark didn’t beat England in the Euro finals. But those I just have to roll with.




  • CI/CD has started to run green (as in it’s running without dying for random faults)
  • Participating in more code reviews with other folk, and stepped up my test-case writing speed
  • Got to rescue my wife who found she could not pay for gas (I need a white charger now)


  • Have not been doing regular daily walking to get exercise - need balance

Professional win: describing a risk I identified in testing a new feature led to the senior dev realising that an existing feature in our legacy app that we are working on updating to a Cloud application had been completely overlooked.

Personal win: I’ve been commissioned to write a book on my 2011 photographic trip to Poland!


Wow! Congratulations :clap: please share the link here.

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@muktaqa12 I already posted it, just click on:

  1. My win is to come in Top 3 winners in one 8f the blogging contest run by ACCELQ online. This was the first time ever I participated in blogging contest.
  2. Published my blog -July month in the club forum
  3. Started designing my own uplifting quotes as I believe in them and I think it will help others too.
  4. Personal - still fitting in my 5 Yr. Old dress. :grin:

Thanks @mirza ! Kind of new here…so getting adjusted. :slight_smile:


No worries, @muktaqa12 nice to have you here!

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Got some tricky scenarios automated successfully so that was definitely a win.

Away from work, it’s coming home! :soccer: :smiley:


I hope so too, the boss promised us a day off Monday.


First week in the new job, and it’s been a positive start. I can sleep soon which is always a win!


It has been a mixed week for me.
Thunderstorm, heavy rain and, sunshine in random order a couple of times this week. As literally spoken about the interesting weather we had here this week as also figuratively spoken about my mood this week.

But talking about the wins. So what sticks the most to my mind.

  • Managed to hack our product key mechanism, which is currently under development. I would say I was happier about it than others :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  • Created a racket account and have 2 followers so far without any racket recorded yet

  • A friend asks me to help her with her cover letter for the application. Nice to see people feel comfortable enough and trust me to ask for it