What's Your Win For The Week - 19th June 2021

What’s your win for this week? No matter how big or small you think it is, I want to hear about it.

My win this week is, so far, staying awake for the first half of TestBash Home as Backstage Boss. The energy in the community has been a huge help with this :grin:


Managed to finished all my tasks for this week, so that I can fully concentrate on TestBash Home today.

My refactoring didn’t cover all possible cases, so some of the test suddenly started to fail


Spent a lot of time this week exploratory testing and finding lots of interesting bugs.

Away from work, got my first jab with only a sore arm for a day or so afterwards :slight_smile:


I passed my ISTQB Agile Tester exam on Wednesday.

I’ve now passed ISTQB Foundation, Mobile and Agile in 10 months flat.

  • My testbash home talk on Testing Against Implicit Requirements
  • Answering the questions in both the conference and here on the club (I really enjoy the Q&A part of conference talks eh)
  • Finally getting started with getting API tests set up for my team… should’ve done this waaaaay sooner

Obviously TestBash Home is the biggest win!
Double Bootcamp sessions this week on ‘ilities’ Test, Monitor and Observe and the Testers Toolkit. Greatest tool you have? Your Brain, not ‘it depends’ for a change.
New garden fence is coming on. Not the biggest win but will make a big difference to our garden makeover.

  • Found some epic bugs which made devs go " sigh " once more :wink:
  • TestBash Home!!!
  • I’ve been learning a lot more about open redirect & remote code execution


  • My herbs are growing and dying of the ‘heat wave’ so trying to resurrect some of them :stuck_out_tongue:

My first 99 second talk at TestBash (decided moments before).
Finding and stopping a bug going into an experiment.
My second PR in a new code.
And pairing with a dev for a quicker feedback loop.


And you nailed it! Hope to see you more on stage

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Oh my goodness, what a week!!

  • Wonderful wonderful wonderful TestBash Home, mega props to the whole MoT team + hosts!!
  • The Covax fundraiser vastly exceeded the expectations of @undevelopedbruce and I, thank you!!
  • I hosted another webinar Q&A panel at work, and still haven’t been fired
  • Finally accepted an offer on the house!!
  • Released another Testing Peers podcast, this time on CoPs
  • Met with clients and it looks like that went well

According to my pride log, the three main things are:

  • switched lanes in heavy traffic, instead of going on a 20 minute detour for the sake of not mildly inconveniencing the car behind
  • raised hecka monies with @christovskia thanks to all of you who supported us and donated to the Covax fundraiser
  • drew some pictures people liked

My wins :smiley:

  • LinkNinja for TestBash

  • I got a chance to do my first Test Talk, which happened at work.

  • I helped another tester when they asked me for help



  • Being the Club Ninja of the month and having an amazing swag last week !
  • Attending Testbash home and having the courage to make 99 sec talk although at that time I was so sleepy with no 0 energy :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Doing a french conference talk and having great feedback from the audience
  • Review a friend book overview


  • feeling my mind is blocked managing many things in parallel but I decided to say NO to many new things which makes me better
  • no vaccine yet available for me, only older people are allowed, so couldn’t travel :frowning:

Nice to see you’re starting to share your fails too Emna

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everyone has fails, but the courage to share is not always here hahah :slight_smile:


That’s because it’s What’s your Win for the week :stuck_out_tongue:
Next time they should make it “What are your wins & fails for the week”

I’ll gladly share my fails!

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good catch, I was also wondering what WIN means here, as I see some people sharing both WINS & FAILS

Do testers care about titles?
I started to share my fails, because they should get equal attention . Great source for learning


I care about facts and not over fetching data :smiley: example:

If I ask you what the bottom color is of a traffic light and you say:

  • The top one is red
  • The middle one is orange
  • I ran through the red light already twice this morning
  • Once I stopped before orange.
  • and the bottom one is green

Too much info! :smiley: If we all started talking like this, then by the end of august we’ll be talking about teambuildings with magical ponies on a rainbow in Antartica. I’m sorry, it’s just the tester in me >.<

But yea that is certainly true, we learn more from our fails then wins.


My small win is that I managed to send testing report of my automated test framework to a Slack channel. This will expose test results to wider audience of developers and QA.