What's your win for the month? September 2021

Time flies! :flying_disc:

It feels like only yesterday I was reading and smiling at the wins for August.

And here are my wins for September:

  • I feel great about all the work I’ve done to prepare for 30 Days of Tools and Test.bash();. It’s been exciting to contribute and to see what happens in October.
  • I seem to have found my groove with the many facets of my role as CommunityBoss. Still learning tonnes every day, including via the #100DaysOfCommunity community. There are days when I feel overwhelmed with a lot that I could do yet I’m slowly getting better at managing where I think I need to hang out and focus my energy. It’s such a brilliant community to be part of!
  • I’ve written a lot and it’s super rewarding
  • Throughout this month I also celebrated my ten-year wedding anniversary with a number of great nights out. My wife and I enjoyed a bit of life without our kids. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What are your wins for September?

However big, medium or small they are, share them here so we can celebrate with you! :tada: :trophy:

  • Biggest win, and the most pleasant surprise, was finding out that my submission for Testing Tools AMA got accepted, I’m super excited about that!
  • Writing an article on the same topic, and working along with an excellent editor
  • I met a lot of aspiring testers from the local testing community, met two of them in person, gave them some pointers about interviewing, applying for junior jobs and internship and send them a bunch of learning resources - lot of which is content from MoT :nerd_face:
  • Went to a lunch date with my wife, might not seem like a big thing, but with a baby around it’s difficult to find time for such activates and we really enjoyed ourselves!
  • Helped a friend find a part-time remote gig by putting a good word for him
  • Found three speakers for the first upcoming MoT Sarajevo meetup (more details coming soon). The interesting thing is that all three are veterans of the testing industry and it all happened on Slack!
  • Helped other teams with onboarding their new team members. This might become a thing
  • My talk proposal for Test.Bash() got accepted. Well chuffed with that

Best wins:

  • Found a new new & fun way to DOS
  • Recorded my first Podcast
  • Organized a security testing workshop


  • Went on a weekend holiday

DOS as in the old operating system? If so, please share


Denial of Service - attack :stuck_out_tongue:


September was a good month:

  • I started my blog: http://testandanalysis.home.blog/
  • I spoke at Skillsmatter P3x about Jobs to be Done & Testing
  • I hosted a SIGiST webinar about mentoring
  • I supported my team by creating a node app that creates test data for our project

I got a bonus from uTest that helped pay for my weekend in Wales. Then I was invited to an invitation-only uTest All Stars academy testing cycle, which I easily passed.

I thought this crowdtesting lark would be good for a bit of beer money before I went back to life as a contract tester, but it seems to be a lot more. People, it turns out, are making good livings at it, so the real win for September is the hypothesis that I may not need to go back to work - which suits me just fine.