What’s Your Win For The Month? May 2021

My last monthly win thread before going on maternity leave :see_no_evil: What are your wins for May? No matter how big or small they are, share them here, we’d love to celebrate them with you :star_struck:

My wins for this month:

  • Professional: @simon_tomes starting and sharing all things community with him :heart:
  • Professional: Getting the updates to The Club rolled out at last :tada:
  • Personal: Got lots of gifts purchased in advance for upcoming occasions rather than last minute. Feels good to be prepared :grin:

So organised!

Sure he went full in!

There will be a void …


Going to keep it short:

  • I finally treated myself to a MoT pro membership. Feel like a proper grown up now :ninja_orange:
  • I wrote a few blog posts, which were well received by the audience.
  • Passed my probation period at the new job, got a fat raise and some company swag.
  • Started mentoring a friend who is interested in testing.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for this community, @heather_reid !!

My wins for the month:

  • Bought MoT Pro for my team
  • I hosted my first webinar at work, and they didn’t fire me. In fact, I have another to host in June
  • Had enough spare time to take brunch with my wife, out one day while the kids were at school. It was weird
  • Attended a day tutorial on test strategy and risk analysis
  • Testing Peers celebrated our first anniversary this month and so have released new content every week instead of fortnightly, it’s been fun, but tiring
  • I got my first Pfizer shot
  • Saw the actual sea for the first time in forever
  • Launched the Covax fundraiser for @undevelopedbruce and my TestBash Home marathon attendance, and are almost halfway to our target already.
  • I published an in-depth security blog post for beginners.
  • I experimented with HTML5 after #30DaysOfHTML. E.g. dfn tag.
  • I am appreciating VoiceOver more and more.

This month is a bit special full of challenges

  • Part of it without any job tasks I managed my time as I wanted, it’s amazing ! I invite everyone to take break between 2 jobs :smiley:

  • Did 2 new talks, one was extremely successful the other was out of my comfort zone but I did the best I could do, it stressed me a lot while preparing it (in that short period 2 slides decks one french + one english) but I learned a lot from it and it could be better next time.

  • Randomly I won via instagram 3 books on their way to me

  • Enjoyed the testing community rackets and I even did one !

  • My sunflowers are growing super fast !

  • Received a package of chocolate from Switzerland :heart_eyes:


I was expecting so many people to write ‘made a racket’ :smiley:

  • Introduced some co’s about Mutation Testing
  • Working on an article (still… I know >.<)
  • Started reading a book
  • I started to invest more time on bug bounties
  • Created a racket and coming up with racket idea’s for myself soon!

Not yet. Wanted to use the weekend to reflect on what spin to give on it :nerd_face:


Where are the months going? That said it is getting us to TestBash Home quicker :+1:

  • Celebrated my first year with my company. Still not been to the office!
  • Some really good software testing bootcamp sessions and useful feedback to improve it further
  • The company accessibility statements I created have been approved and are waiting implementation
  • Started working on an accessibility roadmap for the company (and myself)
  • Had a really good meeting with a designer about the user experience for keyboard and screen reader users. Going beyond compliance and considering a comparable ‘great’ experience using our software.


  • Had a meal out for the first time in forever. Felt very weird.
  • Got my second vaccine
  • Booked someone to replace our garden fence as the first step in a remodel. Why are fences so expensive???
  • Spoke to someone for the first time after being connected on LinkedIn for years. Was a really fun conversation including discussing the appetite for a Poetry in Business Conference focusing on the power of words in business.


  • Committed to be more active on LinkedIn, rather than lurking in the shadows.
  • Created an account on Racket (2 more follows!)
  • Finally started my Tosca AS1 course


  • Attended a Serious Gaming talk
  • Started working on designing my own card game

Scrap that. Went for a lunchtime walk and had an epiphany. Here is my first one


Me too! :smiley: => https://racket.com/kristof_vk/rLahF
Listening now to yours!


So cool to read all these wins of the month. Congrats everyone! :smiley:

My win of the month was joining the Ministry of Testing team. I get to collaborate even more with our phenomenal community, and that’s just ace. :raised_hands:

Huge thanks to @heather_reid for the incredible amount of onboarding effort, skill and activities. Such a legend!


This is awesome! Can you post a link to the blog post please?


Thank you.

Here is the link:



  • First full month at my new job done and it’s going well!


  • Booked my jabs
  • We’re making progress on the prep work ahead of our house extension

I see you took the red pill! :wink:


I’m sure I have made some wins, but all I can think about is getting through the month :sweat_smile: It’s still tough being at home all the time for work. Getting through it and keeping occupied :slight_smile:


My wins:

  • Finally sorted out automation to schedule Tester of The Day announcements, including website updates.
  • Made some great first Rackets with Dan, Beth and Lee!
  • Delivered a successful presentation on API testing at work. I’m hoping to turn some of it into a blog series!
  • Won a competition for Most Pro and signed up for Test Bash Home. Couldn’t of been a happier end to my week and month!

And now, I’m having a week off with my family and we are visiting the seaside!