What’s your win for the month? July 2021

Celebrating your wins and the wins of your fellow community is super important – no matter how big or small.

It’s a great way to stay connected and to support each other during difficult times, good times and everywhere between.

My most useful win is getting back into my CommunityBoss career. I had a physically and mentally challenging June and I’ve turned a huge corner this month. I have a better awareness of my limits and try to carry this with me throughout each day. It results in a little less pressure to do all the things!

What’s your win/s for July?



  • I got some security initiatives started
  • found a better way to test through APi’s => meaning I can refactor our test suite :wink:
  • Gave a session on mutation testing
  • went to the office for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:


  • In result of going back to the office, I started baking desserts again! <3
  • started dating again O.o


  • My test summary report (I’m working on improving it each sprint with my PO) got very well receive by the upper management big-shots so we might be able to leverage that to get more resources for the team
  • I finally started doing concreate work on a few workshop/meetup ideas I have
  • Found a freelance gig, with a recommendation from friend, it’s a nice little start-up and the people running it seem pretty cool, besides I’d get to play around with JS technology stack, which is relative new for me, so I’m pretty excite for that.
  • My boss told me that trust me 100% and that he hates micro-management, after which I told him that I love him in front of the whole team :smiley:


  • I started working out for at least 30 minutes (almost) every day and I noticed my stamina is gradually improving, the weight loss will take some kitchen discipline!

  • Completed my yearly medical check and things are looking pretty good, my eyesight didn’t get much worse and I’m thinking about contact lenses, since my kid has a habit of knocking down my glasses


I started my new job! First interview was in April, so this has been in the works for quite a while. I’m still at the drinking-from-a-fire-hose stage of learning, but it seems like a very good place for me.

I celebrated finishing my first week there with a fry-up at my local cafe, which I haven’t been to for over a year and a half.


I have big news. No, bigger than that!

I’m over the moon to announce that in August I’ll be on retainer at The Coders Guild for one day a week working on a Software Testing Apprenticeship, refining my original concept, creating content and teaching and mentoring apprentices.

I’ll also be looking at a Digital Accessibility Specialist Apprenticeship as it has very recently been approved. Details here, Digital accessibility specialist / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

I also had my car serviced and three really enjoyable and relaxing days off work in the lake district at the beginning of the month. Very quite with very few people about. Perfect.


Congratulations to you both, and best of luck! :sunglasses:


Great thread!


  • Jumping into a new really complex area in terms of the scientic field it is concerned with and found great ways to get kickstarted learning it, in spite of July being a vacation perion here at the 60th parallel. Found a heck of a lot of errors in the application the scientists use in that area and which we IT people currently updates.


  • Finally got to see my 80+ yo old man after all the Covid restrictions that both I and him have taken really seriously. Found him in good spirits, and had a great time, visiting him in his summer house. This after getting the 2nd shot of vaccine.

  • First trip since April 2020 to the gym yesterday. Great idea until I got the not so good idea to try deadlift at the same weight I used in my previous session…


Here are my wins for July.



  • Got the first dose of Phizer. Waiting for the second dose on Monday.
  • I went on a small vacation with my family. It was just relaxing by the sea with a lot of mosquitoes, jellyfish, and other creatures that want to bite you)
  • Continue to write to my blog in a consistent way (at least 1 post per week). It was the third month in a row!

What a lot of great wins to read. Gets me in the right mood after a week off of work.

July has been quite a month.

  • My biggest win is that we interviewed candidates for a new role, made an offer to someone, and he accepted.
  • And last week I received an email from MoT that my proposal for a 99 minute workshop got accepted. Well chuffed about that!